1st master class

did my first masters class this morning to see what it's all about. The distance was less than normal but the intensity and the drills worked me. We did:

300 Warmup
8x100 kick
8x50 one arm catchup, alternate arms each 25
8x50 normal catch up
8x50 sprint - only breathing once on the first 25m
300 warm down
total = 2600

was meant to do a longer warm down to get to 3000m total. but I didn't have time and had to leave for work

quite enjoyed the session and realised I probably also need to do more drills, kicks, catchups etc. The longest kicking drill I've done previously is about 150m as i don't enjoy it


  • Highly reccommend...I join those crazy coots once in a while also. They have some interesting drills that the coach throws at them. Always get a good workout in the "fast" lane.
  • IronMikeIronMike Arlington, VACharter Member
    That workout is horrible for two reasons: too much kick and catch-up.

    I hate catch-up because it seems to build in a pause in the stroke in me and my swimmers. I learned early on (oh so many years ago...okay, only 3) that that pause gave the evil currents time to push me left, right or backwards. Several years ago I started to work on eliminating the pause (glide is another word for it) in my stroke. Glide/pause I guess is okay if you're swimming down a river with the current or in a pool, but I just found my speed was inconsistent with it. So catch-up drill was cut. When my masters coach calls for it, I do something else.

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  • malinakamalinaka Seattle, WACharter Member
    That's interesting, @IronMike. I'm looking to jump back in a pool this winter for exactly those kicking and stroke work bits you dislike in the above workout. Since all of my training has been open water for the past year, I've just been letting my arms and legs do whatever it is they do while I'm watching out for jellyfish and boats.

    After a discouraging, depressing, lonely two workouts indoors last week, I'm either going to start dragging my kickboard behind me during OW swims, or join a Masters team to get my kicks in there. I've got a strong feeling that a regimented team practice (even if it is short and filled with kicking and catch-up) could be a good balance to just swimming distance all the time. [Follow-up report to come in 2015.]

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  • IronMikeIronMike Arlington, VACharter Member
    I would never discount masters practice. As much as I hate kicking, I do it when the coach directs. Pretty much, I do whatever the coach tells me to do. This serves several purposes:

    a) Kick sets give my arms a rest and builds up the legs;
    b) Butterfly, breast are good alternatives to the same muscles being used in free;
    c) backstroke is a good stroke for all OW swimmers to use to adjust goggles, clear water out of goggles, sight backwards, "unwind" the shoulders.
    d) Good place to 'sell' OW swimming to our pool-bound brothers and sisters.

    The only thing I ignore is catch-up drill. In fact, when it is on the sked at the tri club I coach at (I don't get to write the workouts), I give my lane(s) something else to do.

    I also like the camarderie of masters swimming, and I do a few pool meets ('long' events or relays), so it is good to stay practiced on how to dive in. ;)

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