Swimming in the Potomac River

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  • Does anyone know if the Potomac is open for recreational swimming? I'll be in DC this weekend for business and it would be lovely to get an OW swim in.
  • IronMikeIronMike Bishkek, KyrgyzstanCharter Member
    @heart, pm me. I'll give you locations/pointers based on where your hotel is.
  • Thanks, Mike!
  • @heart If you prefer to swim w/ others, ABC swims daily in the Annapolis area, not too far away from DC. I'm out of town this weekend, but if interested, I can put you in touch w/ the right people there. Enjoy your visit. :-)
  • @JBirrrd, I wish I could - I'm on company time (and dime) and with obscenely little time to myself, let alone means to get out of town! I've found a pool nearby and I'll satisfy myself with that.
  • There is that big pool down on the mall. I don't think anyone would mind.

  • With the government shutdown over, looks like this pool is open for business.
    Last one in is a rotten egg. :-)
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