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Trying to track down someone who has knowledge of Moosehead Lake (cell phone coverage? possible route for length? local connections?) in ME. It seems like 2 people have swum it in 2000 and 2003 but a preliminary search does not turn up any contact info for either one of them. Any suggestions would be most welcome, thank you...


  • I was just talking about swimming Moosehead with a fellow Mainer a few months ago. There was some discussion about there being an organized swim of it this year. I'm trying to remember who wanted to organize it. I think it was Lifeflight of Maine. They organized a great swim to Islesboro last summer. Are you on Facebook? I can PM you the person with whom I was discussing it.

    I don't have much local knowledge of it since I live several hours south.
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    Sounds like fun! Let us know if you learn anything. I would be interested.
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    Thanks folks- I am continuing to research and have some good leads on local info!
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    I can't weigh in on Moosehead as I've never been but send any questions about Sebago Lake or southern Maine my way.
    Also, I would be interested in that organized Moosehead swim. It would be a good excuse to finally get up there.
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    Hello Mainers! Sorry to crash in on this old thread, but as a new member I cannot create new postings yet... I'm planning a swim next month from Rockland to North Haven; looking to land in either Bartlett Harbor (~9 miles) or Pulpit Harbor (~11.5 miles).

    I'm a west coaster, and would love any intel folks may have re: currents in the area. The Captain of the boat who'll be piloting me says the current flows from South to North and can be ~1 knot, but he's not sure what the exact current fluctuations can be...

    I'd also be completely open to another open water swim in the region that is of a similar distance. I am putting this swim together as part of my training toward a 2015 Catalina crossing.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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    haigoo said:

    Hello Mainers! Sorry to crash in on this old thread, but as a new member I cannot create new postings yet... I'm planning a swim next month from Rockland to North Haven; looking to land in either Bartlett Harbor (~9 miles) or Pulpit Harbor (~11.5 miles).

    I live a few hours south of there and am not much of a current expert, but you might want to get in touch with the Lifeflight folks. They organize a nice swim from Lincolnville to Islesboro which is just north of Rockland/North Haven. They could probably connect you with someone who knows the area a little better.

    When are you planning on doing the swim? I would think there would be a fair amount of boat traffic.

    If you'd like to swim near the Portland area, just let me know.
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    Thanks for the link, slknight. I'll definitely look into that organization. And you're right, there is a fair amount of boat traffic in that area... I'll have at least two boats piloting for me and one of their Captains is a member of the Rockland Yacht Club, who is getting the word out among its members re: the swim. I believe there will be enough eyes in the water that traffic shouldn't be an issue. The swim is currently scheduled for August 18 or 19.

    And thank you for the offer re: planning a Portland area swim. If after a bit more research it turns out that the current out of Rockland is prohibitive, I may reach back out to you. Is there an ~8 - 12 mile route in the area that you would recommend?
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    Are you on Facebook? I just thought of another resource. There is a group called Midcoast Open Water Swimmers. It's a small group that doesn't get a lot of traffic, but the people in it are experienced with that area. I know there is someone who was planning on swimming Rockland to Owls Head. That's not a long route (2 miles maybe), but it does cut across the Vinalhaven ferry route.

    The water up that way can be COLD. Rockland is usually fine (60ish), but I know it can get very chilly farther out (sub-50).

    Unfortunately, I'm going to be on Mt Desert Island that week so wouldn't be able to swim with you (unless you want to come to MDI - not that much farther up the road). But I would recommend swimming at Pine Point Beach in Scarborough. You can swim parallel to the shore for miles. Round trip to the OOB pier and back is ~5 miles. I think if you went all the way to the breakwater at the south end of Saco in the area they call Camp Ellis, it would be ~12 miles round-trip. You can obviously turn around anywhere you want and head back, or go to the pier and back twice for 10ish. Pine Point Beach has a big parking lot (free before 8:30ish), bathrooms, showers, and a snack bar.

    Water temp was 58 this morning. Unlike some other places, Pine Point is swimmable at any tide.
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    Thanks again for the intel. As I am training for Catalina, the ideal water temp for this swim is 58 - 63. NOAA has a buoy in Rockland Harbor which is showing temps ranging from 59 - 63, but unfortunately they don't have anything between Rockland and North Haven.

    Do you have any experience swimming out that way / know how far out the temps drop? Sub 60 is all good. Sub 50 is another conversation... I will also reach out to Midcoast Open Water Swimmers.

    If temps end up looking untenable I may well end up scrapping the route and looking into Pine Point...
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