Lake Erie Open Water Swimming Association (LEOWSA) preparing for 2014 swims

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Lake Erie Open Water Swimming Assoc. LEOWSA is the official "observation" group for solo/relay marathon swims across Central Lake Erie. We are made up of a group of local successful open water swimmers along with PA state resident Darren Miller (Oceans Seven), to provide the best possible experience for marathon swimmers and to make sure rules and regulations are adhered to during an attempt. We have established proper santion and insurance thru Steve Munatones and WOWSA.

We are currently taking applications from aspirants for summer of 2014.

LEOWSA has made the proper local contacts for Pilots, Kayakers, and US Border Patrol and Customs Agents, along with the US Coast Guard that are in charge of Lake Erie. There is an established 24.3 mile course that begins at the Tip of Long Point, Ontario, Canada and ends in North-East Twp, Pa, however there can be arrangements made for other routes if desired through Central Lake Erie.

The World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) supports the endeavors, rules and philosophy of the Lake Erie Open Water Swimming Association (LEOWSA). As one of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie presents a fantastic challenge to open water swimmers.

Lake Erie is vast, dynamic open body of water that demands the very best of every endurance athlete who attempts a crossing. Any crossing is inherently risky and can present problems for the swimmer and crew.

But LEOWSA has instituted a charter that places safety as its highest priority and offers optimal levels of pre-swim information and support during and after each crossing. Nothing is a given or guarantee in the sport of marathon swimming or in Lake Erie, but LEOWSA strives to help prepare each swimmer for what is in front of them and to safely and courageously overcome obstacles in their path.

Best wishes for memorable and successful crossings.

Steven Munatones
Founder, World Open Water Swimming Association

Thanks you for your consideration. This officially our 2nd season and are still growing and learning.
For more information or application contact LEOWSA co-founder Josh Heynes @


  • timsroottimsroot Spring, TXCharter Member
    How much are sanction costs? Are all the pilots in the Erie area?

    I'm thinking hard about a swim, probably in 2015, on a route further west of the one you describe.
  • We have a packet that i can email you that has all that info.

    Yes all of our boats and Captains are out of one of the many yacht/boat clubs Erie, Pa.
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    we are on Facebook,
    Lake Erie Marathon Swimming
  • IronMikeIronMike Moscow, RussiaCharter Member
    I'd like an email packet. I'll pm ya.
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    Any plans to create a Lake Ontario Open Water Swimming Association from the American (as opposed to Canadian) side as well?

    Lactate is for wimps.

  • Not yet, Lake Erie is is Big enough for us to Handle right now. SOLOSwims Ontario and LOST swimming have Lake Ontario. Prob need to find somebody in the Buffalo NY area to possibly handle that from the US side.
    LEOWSA is willing to help ( if possible)
  • smithsmith O-H-I-OMember

    Lactate is for wimps.

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    AOL had a nice article this week about Ryan Stevens' attempt in 2013 to swim Lake Erie and his plan to attempt the swim again in 2014. It was a featured item on their home page.

    [link added 1/16 by @evmo]
  • timsroottimsroot Spring, TXCharter Member
    JustSwim said:

    AOL had a nice article this week about Ryan Stevens' attempt in 2013 to swim Lake Erie and his plan to attempt the swim again in 2014. It was a featured item on their home page.

  • yes , we know about Ryan and reached out to him. However he chose in 2013 NOT do have LEOWSA be apart of his attempt.
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    Hey Josh, that's great that you have LEOWSA up and running! We should have the Lake Ontario Crossing Organization (LOCO) up and running by summer '14 too! We have a few swimmers already lined up (and I'll probably pass a few your way for Lake E Crossings too). More info to come!

    Cheers, Rob

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