Swim the Suck 2014

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Just a heads up for anyone interested that the registration opens at Midnight tonight for the 5th Annual Swim the Suck on 10/11/14.

This swim sells out quickly for a reason. It is a great event! I'll be back for my 5th time and there always seem to be a few forum members there. Hope to see some of you in October.


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    Thanks for the reminder, Franco! I was going to pounce on the computer tomorrow morning, but instead will do so tonight. :)
  • Registered!
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    Yay, made it!
  • Sold out in 30 minutes.
  • Franco said:

    Sold out in 30 minutes.

    Holy crap. Incredible.
  • Wait listed with fingers crossed. It's a party I really really don't want to miss.
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    I was so gung-ho about this that I registered on my iPhone from the Castro Theater lobby during the film noir fest. Missed 20 minutes of Yves Montand driving a truck with nitroglycerine, but it was worth it!
  • I managed to snag a spot. I was worried it was going to be the Chicago marathon registration all over again, with pages hanging, lost connections, etc and then getting 5 entries to the race. I nearly pooped myself when I saw my credit card statement!
    But it ended up pretty smooth, slow but smooth, hey that's me, or at least what I like to think I look like in the water. This is going to be a great end to my year. Local (CO) 2.5, 4.8 milers in May, July. Then Horsetooth 10K in Aug and StS in Oct.
  • This is the same weekend as the Bermuda Round the Sound swim. So if you didn't get into Swim the Suck and are looking for a great race that weekend, I highly recommend Bermuda.
  • I'm gonna kayak for someone.
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    Round the Sound is lovely. Shame Randy doesn't do Bonaire anymore. That was the best!!!!!
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    slknight said:

    This is the same weekend as the Bermuda Round the Sound swim. So if you didn't get into Swim the Suck and are looking for a great race that weekend, I highly recommend Bermuda.

    Just to make it easier here's the link :)

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    Just browsing through the RTS rules and this caught my eye:

    2.5 Swimwear
    2.5.2 Swimsuits shall be nontransparent and conform to the current concept of the appropriate.

    Made me chuckle. If I go, will be sure to leave my Saran Wrap suit at home. Guys, tight white Speedo briefs probably a no-no too.
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    @JBirrrd We need pictures to help you with advice. ;)
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    I'm thinking that would be out of compliance w/ MSF rules. I can't risk having an asterisk next to my name.
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    It's coming up!

    I'm using the swim to fundraise for La Casa de las Madres, if any of you is feeling generous. http://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/river-of-hope/213490
  • I'm thinking I'll be DFL but I'll by god finish.
  • ROLL CALL: STS is just a few weeks away. Who is doing it?

    I'll start: Spacemanspiff is in! Cleared the wait list.

    I look forward to meeting some of you at the Pasta dinner. Unfortunately, I'm going have to cut the post-race activities short to drive to Atlanta to catch a plane...
  • I'm piloting.
  • mjstaplesmjstaples Atlanta, GA, USMember
    Wasn't able to get in but I signed up to be a kayaker.
  • Next to MIMS, I cannot think of an open water swim in the US that has a decent distance, prides itself on a good time and is at capacity with 30 minutes of open registration. Karah Nazor is doing something very right out in Tennessee.
  • I'm doing it and am beside myself with anticipation!
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