blueseventy 25% discount code for swim gear!

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New Zealand based company blueseventy ( is kind enough to offer me a 25% discount code to share.

Code: bluecrewKC

Feel free to use this 25% discount code when purchasing swimsuits, wetsuits, caps and goggles from blueseventy. Code is valid for multiple uses through 2014.

I’ll be donating my 15% commission from all purchases made with this code to Team Theo, supporting Theo St. Francis’ rehabilitation program.

A little about Theo: Long time member and captain of North Bay Aquatics (California) as well as Junior National level backstroker, Theo had just begun his college career last Fall when he was seriously injured in a beach accident while attending MIT’s Freshman Pre-Orientation Program in Ocean Engineering. The injury caused an internal contusion in Theo’s spinal cord. Theo currently has no fine motor skills in his hands and has no movement below his chest. Since the injury, Theo has made incredible progress in his rehabilitation. No one knows what the outcome will be, but Theo is determined to walk again!

For more information about this discount or Team Theo, please feel free to contact me. Woo! ☺


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    Important admin note:

    @loneswimmer and I would usually delete threads superficially similar to this one, but there are a few important differences:

    1. Kim reached out to (one of) the admins privately to ask if it was appropriate for the MSF -- very good etiquette!

    2. The deal is not benefiting Kim financially - she is donating it to a charity.

    3. It is a very good deal - 25% off Blueseventy products for all of 2014.

    Thank you, Kim!

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  • In the spirit of transparency, I will also share commission amounts throughout the year with MSF and donation plans to Team Theo. Stay tuned!
  • All thanks to your patronage using the 25% blueseventy discount code, I am thrilled to share that in Q1 alone, we have raised $1,061.89 for Theo St Francis. This amount reflects the 15% commission from all sales using my code for this past quarter.

    This code is valid for multiple uses throughout 2014, so please feel free to continue using the code to raise money to assist with Theo’s rehabilitation. I’m excited to see what we raise in Q2.

    The code is: bluecrewKC for 25% off all purchases at

    Thank you all once again!!


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