Any recommendations for value lodgings/Hotel for MIMS on and around June 14th?

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Thanks in advance.


  • jcmalickjcmalick Charter Member
    Jersey City or Harrison, NJ. Both short train trips via PATH to Manhattan. Of course you may need to take a taxi or car depending on how early check in is.
  • gregocgregoc Member
    The Wall Street Inn in lower Manhattan is reasonable on the weekend and there is great food on Stone St right behind it.
  • ssthomasssthomas Charter Member
    We stayed at the Club Quarters in Wall Street. Nearly walking distance to the swim start/finish and good Subway access.
  • KarenTKarenT Charter Member
    We got a great deal on a studio apartment through airbnb. Nice to have space to prepare food and more personal than hotel.
  • frnkdebfrnkdeb Member can be a good source for a relatively cheap room and if you do the express deals you can find a hotel in a specific neighborhood. The closer to your travel dates the better the prices usually.

    How long are you planning on staying in NYC?
  • frnkdeb said:

    How long are you planning on staying in NYC?

    Planning on coming in on June 12th and leaving June 16th or 17th. I'm familiar with Priceline and Hotwire and generally I travel solo and don't mind last minute bookings via those services however in this case I have crew and the crew's friends etc., that are more nervous about that.

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    I found a great place near the start/finish on
  • So I thought I'd update this post with a link to my TripAdvisor review of the lodging my crew and I stayed at. We did not stay in Manhattan but in Jersey City where I was able to get a much larger place for the $. Ultimately, I think this is a good option to those traveling with a crew/entourage which is likely for a MIMS attempt. Additionally a good option for an out of town group looking to do Little Red Light house swim but also plan a couple days of being tourist.

    Of couple of things I learned, thoroughly check schedules on a regular PC, for example my Android based smartphone didn't show the entire water ferry schedule from Paulus Hook to the Financial District so I thought ferry service ended at 7:30 PM even though in reality it went until almost 10:00 PM, but a PC did.

    Finally my crew @ssthomas, my brother (a triathlete) and myself wanted to get in a swim as I wanted to loosen up before the big day and Sarah didn't want to miss a workout as she was stepping up her mileage. After an extensive internet search we found a reasonably (this is NYC metropolitan area) priced 25-yard pool to swim at Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT) in Hoboken, it was $25 for all three of us.

    It was a fairly easy light rail ride from are apartment. Additionally we ate at an excellent pizzeria just few blocks from SIT
  • JustSwimJustSwim Member
    I stay at the Jane up West Street in the Meatpacking Disctrict. It is rather funky and microscopic rooms. I love it there. It is $105 a night put tax this weekend for a single, shared bath. It is about a $10 cab ride to the MIMS start.
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