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    Turnover may be slow, but he makes one heck of a wake. No fun sharing a pool lane with him, but open water drafting is incredible. I'm sure he could tow a barge with the power he has in that stroke! :-)
  • Wow! Congratulations to @uss_lenning and thanks @evmo and Vito and crew for providing detailed observer data and imagery from a great swim. I'm in awe at his cold tolerance and with how consistent his stroke rate was.
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    Fascinating history of the Farallons swims (not including the most recent one) by Ted Erikson. Long but well worth the read.

    Re-published on MSF with personal permission from Ted.
  • Enormous!
    Athleticism itself; defined.
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    I have spoken to Napa Bob Roper, Norm Peterson and Joe Flahaven in brief clips over the years about the South End/Dolphin Club relay from the Farallons sometime after Ted did his swim. This event should be written down and archived before we loose that history....I spoke to Norm at the pool yesterday briefly about this again..(I guess Norm is 89 now)...The swim started at the Devils teeth in the middle of the night and skinny Bob Roper leading the relay (coldest part of this swim) for the South End (after an hour of swimming he nearly went insane shivering down below according to Norm....They were not very prepared just having towels to warm up with. The Dolpin Club picked the better route going north and the South End went too far south and ran out of tide...The Dolphin Club apparently finished under the Bridge...that is about all I have and can remember...but certainly a part of the Farallon swimming history

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    Let me do some inquiring at DC about this relay.... Walt Schneebli probably has some info as well. He's getting up there as well.. better ask soon...

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