Santa Barbara Channel swims 2014

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One more week 'til the May 1st early-bird deadline for Santa Barbara Channel swim applications.

We have marathon swims to suit any goal or ability in the SB Channel, from:

- a 5.6-mile inter-island swim between Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands
- a 12.4-mile channel swim from Anacapa to the mainland -- this is a fantastic opportunity for a first-time channel swim & stepping stone to Catalina or the EC
- 26-, 27-, 40-, and 52-mile channel swims that have been done only once each (by Penny Palfrey, Marc Lewis, Penny Palfrey, and Tina Neill, respectively)
- a 61-mile swim (San Nicolas Island to mainland) which would be one of the greatest swims in our sport's history

Check out the various possibilities here:

Ever swum in a National Park? You can, in the SB Channel. San Miguel, Santa Rosa, and Santa Cruz Islands are all part of Channel Islands National Park.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about swimming with the SBCSA.



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