Anyone training for marathon swims in Philadelphia this summer? I would love some company!

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Hello all,
I am planning to swim the English Channel in August 2013.
I am looking for some training buddies in Philadelphia this summer.
Does any one know of any teams or individuals to train with down there?


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    Only Triathlon clubs such as Multisport and ETA in Medford, NJ. I train 15 minutes south of Philly but spend most weekends in the open water in south Jersey and sometimes down in the Elk River (MD). Not many viable open water options in Philly itself but if you're looking to connect, just give me a shout!
  • @gkovacik - I am also going to make an attempt during the July 27th - Aug 3 tide in 2013, and I have friends in Philly that would like for me to visit this summer. Where do you train around Philly? If I were to come to Philly this summer, I would love to get together for a swim.
  • Excellent! Thank you to both of you for replying.
    Nvr2late: I will be starting my internship in Philly in the beginning of June. Once I find a place to train, I will be sure to let you know! Right now the closest pool looks like it will be at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • If you (or anyone) are in the area and want to train at Blue Marsh Lake (near Reading) let me know & I'd be glad to have some company. Also, if you have limited car access, you can always take the train from Philly & I can pick you up in Lancaster, Mt. Joy or Elizabethtown and drive up. Due to my crazy work schedule, the more lead time, the better.


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    Depends on whether you have a car. There is a 55m pool in northeast Philly that has almost a fully open schedule, but you have to join and it can be pretty pricey. The UPenn pool is gorgeous, but you have to be a student or alumni to join and time blocks are not all that long. In the summer there is the Kelly Pool out on Fairmount park. It's 50m and is free, but hours can be a bit limited to mostly middle of the day.

    There also is the Upper Mainline Y about 45mins west of the city. There's a 50m outdoor pool there and a very active masters group. There also are masters groups throughout the city.

    As for open water training, Atlantic City is about an hour from center city and there are several spots in the bay where you can put in long safe hours. You can technically swim in the schuykill river, but I'd only go out with a kayak or sculler escort. The water quality is pretty good. Stay out of the tidal portions and the Delaware - tides and currents in that section are very intense.
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