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    So this post is going to be really sappy for what should be a dry forum analytics discussion…

    I greatly enjoyed going back through some of these old discussions. It helped me realize how much I appreciate this forum and how much I truly admire so many of you. The world can be a tough-to-understand, rough and tumble place. Sometimes hard to see or know the truth. I love this group for its devotion to truth and honesty. Pure. Straightforward. Clear. Transparent.

    I admire anyone who has the guts to sign up for a swim. You don’t know what the conditions or temperature will be the day of your swim, but you sign-up, you commit.

    Anyone who has the intestinal fortitude to enter the water with the intent to do an honest swim has my deepest respect. If they fail and deal with it honestly, I admire them just the same as if they completed it. It takes much more bravery to enter the water unsure of the possibility of completion than it does to do a swim that we know is within our abilities. One of the most heroic things I have ever personally witnessed in the swimming world happened at Boston Light in 2011. There was a swimmer who collapsed at the finish – his skin was every color except normal, his body shook violently, he threw up. It took all he had and, after not completing the swim the year before, he put it all on the line – with honesty. At SCAR last week, a swimming buddy of mine (who I only know electronically) stopped during one of the swims. She made no excuses, blamed no one. She was brave enough to enter the water and swim for as long as she was capable that day. Pure. Craig Lenning getting in the water at the Farallons was a bigger deal than his finishing. It was pure, clear, straightforward bravery – whether he completed the swim or not.

    Compare your reaction to these swimmers to the person who started an English Channel swim with a wetsuit and fins waiting for her on her escort boat… of course, part way through the swim she utilized both, then was written up in a popular magazine as a “Channel Swimmer”.

    Compare your reaction to these swimmers to an event shrouded in mystery. I don’t believe the forum’s collective reaction to the person who claims to have swum from Cuba to Florida has anything to do with a distaste for her commercialism. Many forum members make money on this sport – nothing wrong with that. (In fact, I admire that too.) I believe it is the mystery surrounding the claim that is the direct attack on this group’s collective senses. How did she travel so fast for so long when no publicly available information supports the claim of a lucky current assist? Why didn’t she have credible Observers? Why isn’t there video? Mysteries. Mysteries that will forever taint her claim to the truth.

    It is sad to me that Rules are needed, but they are. They aren’t needed for you, but for those who don’t have a faithfulness to truth and transparency.

    Ever wonder why you instantly get along with marathon swimmers you are meeting for the first time? It is my belief that it is not only because you respect the efforts of your fellow marathon swimmer – it is because you know you share the same value system. It doesn’t matter the age or background or political beliefs or origin or orientation, you know you are meeting someone who has an affection for the truth.

    I know what I wrote above contains many subjective opinions, but what is a fact is that many of you have taken the time to share your experiences and I have learned a lot from you. Reading through these discussions was a great reminder of how much I owe to you all.

    Thank you for being who you are and sharing yourself. The community of marathon swimmers, which includes everyone who understands and supports the swimmer, is a special group… regardless of the actual swimming results. At the risk of overstatement, I feel compelled to say, among an increasingly social-media driven, truth-ignoring world, this community is a special, quiet, island of sanity and light.
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    Love this post. Thank you, Anthony.

    It is sad to me that Rules are needed, but they are. They aren’t needed for you, but for those who don’t have a faithfulness to truth and transparency.

    This reminds me of something Donal said in a recent blog post:
    Rules are not just important, but essential. They are the flag to which disparate athletes of differing talents and motivations can all salute. They define, protect and unify.
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    Here's a fun one. We'll call it "Most Popular Forum Members." :)

    Columns show:
    - total "likes" by other members
    - total comments
    - likes / comments

    This is only for relatively active members (26 or more total comments, i.e., at least 1 comment per month since the Forum's launch).

    Everything Anthony says is gold, apparently!

    Thanks to all these folks for their valuable contributions.

    Member  	Likes Comments LikesPerComment

    AnthonyMcCarley 113 33 3.42
    sylmarino 108 37 2.92
    emkhowley 78 32 2.44
    Fil 122 57 2.14
    ssthomas 411 211 1.95
    suziedods 347 179 1.94
    AquaRob 140 73 1.92
    ZoeSadler 127 67 1.90
    malinaka 156 83 1.88
    KarenT 245 135 1.81
    JBirrrd 246 138 1.78
    ColmBreathnach 96 55 1.75
    RonCollins 57 34 1.68
    Mike_Gemelli 51 32 1.59
    jgal 51 33 1.55
    david_barra 640 417 1.53
    Leonard_Jansen 423 288 1.47
    gregoc 289 205 1.41
    Sylle 56 40 1.40
    swimchica623 85 64 1.33
    loneswimmer 765 578 1.32
    Lynnkub 40 31 1.29
    ForeverSwim 169 132 1.28
    AngelYanagihara 44 35 1.26
    KNicholas 127 102 1.25
    evmo 1450 1216 1.19
    paulm 62 54 1.15
    njoy 38 33 1.15
    MvG 65 57 1.14
    Walter 50 44 1.14
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    Boom! Edged out @evmo ;) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

  • Can you see who has visited the site the most? Then we'll see who's pretending to swim all day.
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    Too easy! :-h

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    Saturdays typically seem pretty quiet around here. And the data agree!

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    Wow. I apparently need to improve my comment likability index.

    Please join the Lake Issyk Kul Swimming Federation on FB!

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    I'm liking everything you've ever written now @Niek, and I hope you do the same for me. ;)

    Please join the Lake Issyk Kul Swimming Federation on FB!

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    Niek said:

    Your own 185 likes don't help much. Nor did my 1144 likings help me :(

    IronMike said:

    I'm liking everything you've ever written now @Niek, and I hope you do the same for me. ;)

    It is good to be liberal in one's liking -- on the Forum as in life.
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    Apparently, I'm a good liker and commenter. In HR, we call that being 'actively engaged.' I do enjoy this forum!
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    to clarify the above data:

    the "Likes" column above represents "Likes of One's Comments by Other Forum Members," not "One's Own Likes of Other Forum Member's Comments."

    so, "LikesPerComment" represents how many other forum members liked your comment, divided by your own total comments.

    It's no surprise @ssthomas would be near the top of this list. She is (currently) the only forum member to have an entire MSF page dedicated to a single comment:
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    Answers to some commonly-Googled questions, based on an analysis of incoming search traffic:

    Q: Where do sharks live?
    A: In the ocean.

    Q: What are the best swimming goggles?
    A: The ones that fit the best.

    Q: Did Diana Nyad cheat?
    A: I wouldn't put it past her.

    Q: Do I need a wetsuit to swim in [xx]-degree water? ('xx' being a random integer between 10 and 75).
    A: No.

    Q: How to swim a marathon?
    A (in two parts): 1. Get in the water. 2. Start swimming ;-)
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