Measure temperature?

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Hi Out There- apologies if this should attach to another thread, but I am wondering what people use to measure temperature in their preferred bodies of water. I have used suunto, timex, and alterra watches over the years and it is an ongoing challenge to find something reliable and somewhat accurate - I had have 2 aquarium-type thermometers die in the last month, by the way, so clearly I am not getting the right ones! Thoughts? Thanks!


  • Big toe on the left foot. Accurate to within .1 degree.
  • Leonard_JansenLeonard_Jansen Charter Member
    I have one that is used to take pool temperatures. It's housed in a sturdy case. Got it at Wal-Mart for something like $6.00. BTW, it's your basic analog thermometer.


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  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Member
    We use @uss_lenning's big toe around here. Those big toes are amazingly accurate. Someone's pool thermometer tried to tell me it was 51 degrees the other day. I promise it was closer to 54. I don't trust all that silly technology.
  • lakespraylakespray Senior Member
    ssthomas said:

    Someone's pool thermometer tried to tell me it was 51 degrees the other day.

    Yea but the 51 did give me greater bragging rights

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    Niek said:


    Definitely the toemometer. Mine is accurate to within one degree. But it needs callibrating again this year.
  • wendyv34wendyv34 Vashon, WASenior Member
    We use one of these floating cheapies at the pool:

    I used to have an aquarium thermometer, until I left it in the car on a warm day. The Toemometer won't explode in a hot car.

    It's always a bad hair day when you work at a pool.

  • jendutjendut Charter Member
    Yes you are preaching to the choir about the toemometer, but 1. I have been in a pool all winter, so need some calibration AND 2.temp is a constant debate here (amongst my co-swimmers) and sometimes you need a number to settle things (and yes I know there are bigger problems out there)!
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    I have a Nixon watch that shows temperature and it appears to be fairly accurate. The only problem is that it takes about 10 minutes to fully adjust.

    I've had a few thermometers like the ones linked and have found the quality on them to be poor.
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    Whatever we're using in SF right now , IT"S TOOO DARN HOT!!
    Aquatic Park has 3, ( THREE) thermometers in various places in the cove.
    On any one day, we will come up w THREE ( 3!!) different temperatures over the course of one swim of about 25 min. Since we can't change the temp, I'd go w the "toemometer'

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    I use a digital waterproof thermometer, accurate to the 0.1oC. You can actually calibrate it yourself by stirring it in an "ice slurry":

  • flystormsflystorms Memphis, TNMember
    An "ice slurry"... is that secret code for "blended margarita"? :)
  • bobswimsbobswims OregonCharter Member
    That looks like the meat thermometer I use when barbecuing meat. When do you stick it in? At the start of the swim, or do you use it to decide when it's time to get out?
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