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Sorry for the post if there is already something similar on the books. I have a swim this Sunday and my observer is my niece. She does not have swim experience but I chose her due to her integrity. She is a legal counselor and sees the rules as black and white. Her integrity has lead her to decline accepting the position. This is a low key swim with family members piloting and feeding.
Is this a problem for documentation/authentication or can she still observe, document the event?


  • gregocgregoc Charter Member
    @Leprechaunturd, first and for most, I love the name. If you want an experienced, unbiased observer there are several in the Tampa area. (I am assuming your swim is in the SW FLA area). I will leave it up to others to comment on whether your niece would be an acceptable observer.
  • loneswimmerloneswimmer IrelandAdmin
    The main criteria are transparency and documentation.

    However it also depend on the aim of the swim. If you are seeking recognition for a pioneering swim, then you will find that the burden of proof will be higher, and family members, especially non-swimmers, would probably be a poor choice for an observer. Let's say you want to do Portrush to Rathlin and back 3 times. Everything goes ok. Next year someone else wants do do it, and even if there was no question, then your swim could be open to attack on those grounds and you end up in war of words that might only matter to a few people, but is just as important nonetheless.

    For example one of the many problem with She Should Not Be Named, (okay, Diana Nyad), that was differnt to most of our swims, was that she was seeking to be first,and benefit financially and in fame from her bogus swim. So the burden of correct observation, and she ignored the basics, was higher than @owenswims swimming down an Irish river and getting me to observe. Plus, I'm at least known to a few of you.

    If it's low key, so long as you have previously identified your criteria, and the observer knows those and knows how to observe for those, and it's all documented, then I think you are probably ok.

    Items in the rear view mirror, etc.

  • @gregoc I take swimming seriously but not the name. It gives me a chuckle to know people have to spell it out to comment. :-). Hopefully they at least get a smile out of it.

    @loneswimmer thanks for your input. My brother in law and I have joked about the potential mob of swimmers quivering with anticipation to attack my up coming record. I will swim with the rules in place and I will have an observer that can represent how I did it. Other than that bring it on you marathon swimmers!
  • Oh yeah, @gregoc my swim is in the Mississippi sound.
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