A season of swim caps


Caps from some of the swims which I took part in last year .... I've been meaning to post this for a while!

Pink one in the centre is from Lough Dan 10k, I guess they decided 10kers are tough enough to wear pink, but I haven't worn it since tbh!

The triathlon one on the bottom is not from a triathlon at all, but from Escape from Spike Island, where you get a recycled hat, which is kind of cool. The rest are self-explanatory. We don't give out hats at the Barry McCarthy Memorial Swim here in Carrick. There are two schools of thought. We all have loads of hats that we'll never wear again, but they are a nice memento to look back on ....
What would I know, never been further than 10k ....


  • Kind of remind me of race bibs from road races. Nice to look at, but not going to use them again! Pretty cool Can't wait to start a similar collection.
  • @suirthing.. I don't see any Alcatraz caps.. :)
    I love swimming
  • suziedods said:

    @suirthing.. I don't see any Alcatraz caps.. :)

    it's more the 5000 mile flight rather than the 1.5 mile swim that's at issue there .... :)

    on my "to-do" list though

    What would I know, never been further than 10k ....
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