Why did you become a marathon swimmer?

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30 years ago I could swim a fast (?) 5K and liked to swim in the ocean. So I decided to give it a go (but life got in the way) It's a good thing I didn't know then what I do now about what it takes.


  • IronMikeIronMike Bishkek, KyrgyzstanCharter Member
    I heard about marathon swimming too late unfortunately. I don't mean my age; I mean too late to take advantage of the places I've been stationed. I was stationed twice in NW Florida (Ft Walton Beach) and even in Monterey, CA, so I could have taken advantage of close races (Pensacola) and clubs (Kelp Krawlers).
    I'm an adult-onset swimmer, starting masters in 2003. But I only really heard of marathon swimming after I'd been stationed here in Russia. That was a little over 2 years ago.
    I guess I became a marathon swimmer because I realized I like the freedom of no lines or flip-turns. And then after my first OW swim, I realized I loved the chaos of the start and the technical aspects of the sport (navigation, drafting, etc).
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    Because I'm crazy? :-)
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    Went to Sandycove and became friends with a bunch of loons who brainwashed me into joining their Cult.
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    I grew up spending summers in the pinelands of New Jersey, home to the Jersey Devil...perhaps a small part of me thought, JD likes to fly but he's afraid of water...perfect escape route! In a nutshell, that blurb explains what @ssthomas said above!
  • Been swimming the 500/1000/1650 FOREVER but can't do a start or flip turn to save my life, and LOVE being outside. Easy answer :)
  • I have just returned to swimming after a long hiatus and began last summer with Masters and triathlons - I found that I loved the open water and the variety of lakes where I competed. This interest quickly mushroomed into local, then regional, Open Water swim competitions. I would rather swim in a lake, the ocean or a river, but pool swimming obviously has its place in training and in seasonal availability. Those of us who love the experience of swimming in open water understand what it is that attracts us to it - I personally get lost in thought and feel a freedom that I experience nowhere else. I am not a Marathon Swimmer yet, but am working toward that and will do my first 10 miler this summer. According to a previous post, I think that would qualify me!
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    See the world, meet amazing new friends and raise money for those who are less fortunate! It will provide some great stories to tell my grand-kids some day by the fire :)
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.
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    found it a more direct route to get to the other side than just sitting
    "I never met a shark I didn't like"
  • BillBill Member
    I needed to get back in shape, I've always been a crappy sprinter and I really didn't feel like taking up running.
  • AquaRobAquaRob Charter Member
    For me I think it was the thought that popped in my head each time I finished the longest swim I'd ever done "I bet I could go a little further..."
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    For the money and fame, of course!
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    i was going to say I'm not sure if I even AM a marathon swimmer, then realised I have the ability to turn any swim into what seems like a marathon...
    I'm like IronMike and only took up swimming as a sport in 2003, after moving from Australia to Chicago. I always spent a lot of time playing in the surf but after realising how much I love continuous swimming, I'm hooked and want to do it as much as possible. The idea of spending a whole day indoors at a swim meet, paying money to spend as little time as possible in the concrete hole makes no sense at all. I also love the touristy part of marathon (or any OW) swimming. I love seeing places from the water.
  • swam a long time ago and then laid off for nearly 30 years and then ran into a major health issue that brought me back to the water. I have to say swimming in a pool is no fun at all but hitting the open water is like being set free. I guess I like the feel of having to deal with what the elements through at you be it good or bad.
  • JanetJanet NYCMember
    I was mainly a (masters) pool swimmer until fall of 2010, when--horrors--there were no local meets on the calendar, and no good travel meets that worked with my schedule. I needed something to train for, and CIBBOWS happened to be hosting some crazy 5K swim at Coney Island . . . in November! At the time both the water temp and the distance seemed daunting. But I started going out to the beach every week to train, and discovered I liked it. A whole lot. I've been hooked ever since. Thanks CIBBOWS!
  • My 50 is for crap and started dating a marathon swimmer.
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