EC6 Relay Attempt

JimBoucherJimBoucher Senior Member
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Its a busy tide in the English Channel this week. Dori Miller completed a 2-way crossing in the small hours of this morning. 9 escort boats out today including Nick Adams (CS&PF President) on his 10th crossing, but the quickest one on the CS&PF tracking page (tracks all boats) should be Viking Princess which is escorting a team of six over 40's aiming to break a long-standing relay record of 6 hrs 52.

Watch them here

Good luck to all out today!


  • JimBoucherJimBoucher Senior Member
    Start time was 07:23, Christof Wandratsch led off with 5.6km in his hour. Masters WR swimmer Kirsten Cameron led them into the SW shipping lane and US Masters star Steve West is now in the water.
  • loneswimmerloneswimmer IrelandAdmin
    It was great swim but the record still stands. 7h 03 total, which if I'm not mistaken was Christof's own fastest solo time and the third fastest EC solo time.

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