Outer Banks Swim(s)

SullySully Member
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I'm throwing this out to anyone looking for a fun challenge. It's something I once dreamed of doing, but after repetitive health issues don't think I'll be able to put in the hard work to pull it off. Swim the OBX. It's 200 miles of barrier islands strung together to make up the coast line of North Carolina. There are many interesting start and stop points to the swim - and could even be made into one hell of a stage swim.

The nicest thing about the swim is that it is a logistical dream. Rent a house in the OBX for a week. Swim about 300 yards off shore with kayak/boat/SUP support. Your crew can easily swap out shifts with the close coast, safe, etc. Boat traffic is almost non existent.

Just throwing it out there!
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