Swim Camp Catalina - S.C.C. Scott and Jamie's Most Excellent Swim Adventure

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Hi All - Scott Zornig and I are extremely excited to announce Swim Camp Catalina S.C.C. (November 7-9). We have put this camp together to bring like minded people together for a great weekend of swimming and fun. Some of you may know that I have put on a swim camp the last three years. This year Scott and I have decided to hold it on the beautiful island of Catalina. For those that have not been to this amazing island, it is truly magical. Scott and I have worked hard on keeping this event as economical as possible. Scott has reserved 21 (42 occupancy) cabins that are normally used for staff during the summer seasons. They are located in Two Harbors steps from the water. The cost for camp is $238. This includes 2 nights lodging, 2 dinners at an amazing restaurant, roundtrip ferry, insurance and a camp baseball hat. There are other options if you wish to camp or stay in a hotel. Please check out the website for all the details. We hope to see you all there. It is going to be so fun. www.swimcampcatalina.com



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    @trouble/sharkbait and I will be coming down from SF. Looking forward to seeing/meeting some Forum members!
  • The pic above is not Two Harbors.
    One of the really neat things about Two Harbors is that you can easily walk from one side if the island to the other. I have swam both sides on our Fear-no-pier adventure and I have to say both sides of the island are magical.
    I hope many of our forum members get a chance to experience the amazingly beautiful waters of Catalina.
    Sea you there???
  • I've also swum on both sides around Two Harbors, both directions...exploring the different coves. Little Harbor is especially cool!
    I'm excited to explore again with SCC!
  • I'm confused. Didn't @lynnkub advertise some sort of swim camp recently? Is that the same as this camp?

    This camp sounds like a blast. If my not-so-rich-anymore Uncle Sam finds a reason for me to be in the states during this time, I'll try and make it.
  • IronMike said:

    I'm confused. Didn't @lynnkub advertise some sort of swim camp recently? Is that the same as this camp?

    Duplicate posts. I kept the one that was posted by the organizer.
  • such an efficient forum moderator, evmo is! ;-)
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    Here are some photos from some previous swim excursions I've done there around Two Harbors:

    Little Harbor:
    Two Harbors, leeward view from the sky:
    Two Harbors from on high, looking north:
    Swim Buddy :)
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    Here's one from wikipedia:


    It's really a special spot. For those who have never experienced Catalina (or who have only 'experienced' in the middle of the night, haha), one of the most strikings things is how sparkling clear the water is compared to mainland SoCal.

    Can't wait!
  • Hi All - We have 4 spots in cabins remaining. If you are interested we would love to have you. www.swimcampcatalina.com
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