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Hi I'm new to marathon swimming in the Los Angeles area and I'm looking to find a group of swimmers to train with for 5k, 10k and 25k distances & night swims. The only groups I know of are triathletes and short distance ow swimmers training for under 5k distances.


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    Anyone else training for long swims and live in Los Angeles?
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    Isn't Gerry Rodriguez's group down there? Tower 26 or something like that? Or is that the triathlete group you're talking about?
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    Hi CoachV,

    Shoot me an email at with an estimation of your pace/100m. Unfortunately LA doesn't have a really established training group (other than the triathletes, as you noticed) so its all by word of mouth. I'll put some feelers out and see what I can come up with for you.

  • evmoevmo San FranciscoAdmin
    If all else fails, you could just try showing up in Manhattan Beach or Malibu (or anywhere it seems likely people would swim) around 6am or 5pm weekdays, or mid-late morning weekends (again - whenever it seems likely people would swim). I've met a lot of people this way, in various locations.
  • Hey CoachV,
    I'm also new to marathon swimming and will be attempting my first 10k in August. I've put my program together by swimming with UCLA Masters, which has 2-3 coached workouts daily (except Sundays). Saturdays are 2 x 1:15 workouts LCM. That gives me 2.5 hours on Saturday (7-8k) and like IronMike suggested, I join Tower 26 for coached ocean swims 90-120 minutes every Wednesday morning. There are a number of UCLA Master Swimmers who do open water races, a subset of whom do marathon distances races. I throw in some speed work with the UCLA Tri Team and I think I've got a program that will get me there.

    You're welcome to check us out:
  • I'm new to this game and to this forum (thanks Evan). Live in Studio City and swim at the Van Nuys pool, looking for groups to go out with.

    Are any of the groups mentioned above still going? Anyone have any other groups they could direct me to.

    Thanks all, Kristian
  • evmoevmo San FranciscoAdmin
    Hey @ottestad - welcome.

    Are you training for something specific, or is this just for fun? In addition to my advice earlier in this thread, I'd suggest joining a group such as Tower 26 ( or a local USMS team. Then you can find other people with similar goals/schedule/speed and form a pod for OW swimming.

    There's also this issue:

    Not sure how much it's been enforced...
  • I'm back on the forum, thanks for the help with that. Have reached out to Tower 26 as its exactly what I'm looking for.

    My first goal is basically to swim 10 miles and be able to take part in races. I am honestly not in it to compete, as I just want people to swim with. My real long term goal is to go very far. It remains to be seen if I'm up for my own challenges over time.

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    Since your initial post which I realize was quite a while ago, there is now a "Santa Monica Open Water Meet up", another good resource.

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