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Some swimmers are so larger-than-life that they require theme songs. Here's one I thought up for @Sharko, a fellow member of the South End Rowing Club. Feel free to loudly sing it to the tune of Rawhide!

Swimming, swimming, swimming, keep that Sharko swimming,
Swimming, swimming, swimming - Sharko!

Headed to the buoys
To check the temps daily
Might seem kind of scary - Sharko!

But he is acclimated
He is refrigerated
He's chilly but invigorated!

In all kinds of weather
Sharko's tough as leather
With mustache and goggles on his side

Bubble caps - put 'em on!
Cam-er-as - in your pants!
He is ready to swim - Sharko!
Swimming, swimming, swimming - SHARKO!



  • evmoevmo San FranciscoAdmin
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    Any other songwriters out there?

    Let's turn this thread into a contest. Best swimmer theme song wins a bubble cap, courtesy of the Marathon Swimmers Forum!

    We'll keep the contest open for a while...
  • AquaRobAquaRob Humboldt Bay, CACharter Member
    As a counter to @trouble's rawhide Sharko song I present you my version which is sung to the tune of the American classic Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice...

    Alright Stop
    Bubble cap and listen
    Sharko's out swimming with fishes
    A sea lion grabs a hold of him tightly
    But his mustache says 'you better not bite me'

    Will he ever stop?
    Yo, I don't know
    Swim in the dark and he'll glow

    To the extreme, rock bubble caps and big goggles
    We'll light up the bay and then take a walk in some sandals


    Can I win a Grammy for this? :)
  • troubletrouble Member
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    One for you, @aquarob! From @evmo and me.
    (to the tune of 'Immigrant Song')


    I come from the land of the fog and dunes
    Where marine mammals spawn and
    Sharks eat you

    The bearded in the surf,
    Whose swim suits scare children away
    To swim through kelp,
    Avoiding seals
    Morro Rock I am coming

    On we swim with
    Flailing arms
    Our only goal will be Del Monte Beach!


    [photo credit: Allison B. via Rob Aquatics]

  • AquaRobAquaRob Humboldt Bay, CACharter Member
    Ok one more and then I need to stop this, haha... this one isn't for anyone in particular and is sung to the tune of Bush's Glycerine

    It must be my swim, it's sinkin' in
    It must be for real, my armpits can feel
    Goggles by Hind, that's not my kind
    I'm not finished on time, try not to wonder why
    Everything's gone numb, everything's grey
    Now you're here, now you're away
    I actually want this, remember that
    I'll never forget, where we're at

    Don't let the swims go by
    Vaseline, vaseline

    I'm never alone, friends on the boat all the time
    Have you puked on one, or do you lie
    we lube up our wheels, where everyone feels
    But when waves rise, I'm on adventures like seals
    If I treated you bad, paddle'd bruise my face
    Couldn't love you more, GU has a beautiful taste

    Don't let the swims go by
    Could have been easier on you
    I couldn't change though I wanted to
    Should have been easier by three
    Our old friend fear and you and me

    Vaseline, vaseline
    Don't let the swims go by, vaseline
    Don't let the swims go by
    Ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah

    Vaseline, vaseline
    Oh, vaseline, vaseline

    Don't you whine again
    Don't you whine again
    As waves roll around me

    I needed you more, you wanted me less
    Could not piss, just regress
    The coast is clear, simple, and plain
    Well that's just fine, my spot tracker gains

    Don't let the swims go by
    Could've been easier on you you you
    vaseline, vaseline
    vaseline, vaseline
  • this is the song that my dad made up on the way to Dover and us singing it

  • evmoevmo San FranciscoAdmin
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    Too soon?

    (Sung to the tune of The Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour"):

    Swim on... swim on in the mystery current.
    Swim on... swim on in the mystery current.
    Swim on (no matter what the weather), swim on in the mystery current.
    Swim on (you don't need any cal'ries), swim on in the mystery current.
    The magical mystery current is waiting to sweep you to shore.
    Waiting to sweep you to shore!

  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Member
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    @evmo: not too soon!

    I had a few keeping me company last weekend, but this one stayed with me the longest. Set to the tune of 'This is the Song that Never Ends', from Lambchop.

    This is the lake that never ends
    It just goes on and on my friends
    Some people started swimming it, not knowing what it was
    And they'll continue swimming it forever
    Just because....
    Repeat (for a few hours)
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