Drug testing

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I'm currently working on a chapter of my swimming book on the debates around what counts as 'authentic' marathon swimming. But I have a purely informational question - are there any cases that anyone is aware of of drug testing in marathon swimming? I'm thinking about the long solo swims here rather than races on the professional circuit - for example, after a record-breaking swim? Both the CSA and CS&PF have the possibility of random drug testing in their rules, and the CCSF and SBCSA have rules prohibiting drugs but no mention of testing (as far as I can see). My assumption is that testing isn't used, and certainly not with any regularity, but then again, I wouldn't necessarily know....and given the speed that I swim at, I'm a very unlikely suspect for enhancement drugs.

Please be clear that I'm not suggestion that anyone, including current record holders, should have been tested - just curious about procedure.


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