How's the water near San Luis Obispo?

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I'm going to be in San Luis Obispo Sunday-Wednesday morning (April 7-10). How's the water at Avila and/or Pismo Beach?


  • AquaRobAquaRob Humboldt Bay, CACharter Member
    @JonML I think I may be the resident forum expert on that stretch of water :)

    There's a swim group that goes out on Sundays at 11am in Avila Beach. We meet on the south side of the pier up against the wall that separates the beach and the street. We also swim Wednesday nights at 5:30pm.

    The water has been mainly low 50s, like 50-52ish most days, but we were up to 54-55 the other day so who knows what this weekend will look like. If the forecasts come true this Sunday may be a pretty burly day for a swim. There's talk of really high winds and really big swells so you may be in for some salty adventures. Feel free to hit me up directly ( for more info!
  • JonMLJonML Member
    @AquaRob: Sounds like I'm going to miss your Sunday and Wednesday swims by a few hours on each end. My flight gets in at about 4:00 Sunday and I leave Wednesday at noon. :(

    Mid-50s is pretty cool for me, especially this time of year when I haven't been in open water since October. Will bring a suit and goggles and see what happens, though.

    BTW, I taught at Santa Maria HS in the 90s and got my master's at Cal Poly in 95, so Avila is definitely sweet home.

    Thanks for the info. :)

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