Open Water Coaches?

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" Shopping" for a coach for Ederle Swim 2012 (August).

The product I'm looking for is a training plan design for the event that is 19 weeks away. Not day-to-day coaching service. Maybe a once a month plan/progress review. I already have 5 months of base building and I'm comfortable with 8K-10K in the pool combining high and steady state intensities. I'm begginer at very long open water but have done a couple of long one (10 miles, 10K, multiple 1-2 milers) but nevel something beyong 10 miles. Looking for intermeddiate/expert type advice...looking not just to finish but to be competitive in my age group (46 yrs old)

Any references?



  • ForeverSwimForeverSwim Charter Member
    I'd be glad to help you out! Don't worry about paying me, I just love doing what I can to get people to succeed in this awesome sport! Send me an email with your work-outs, your swim history and what you are looking for..
    Take care-
    Darren Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

  • @ForeverSwim. That's very generous of you! Let me put together a draft plan and I'll send it to you. we can take a look together and tune it based on your experience. Once done, maybe we can start a training plan repository on this site. Some traithlon websites like begnnertriathlete have a set of basic bare bones training plans for newbeies to use as a guideline.
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