Sunscreen / Desitin removal - the easiest way yet

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I am embarassed that I haven't thought of this before - talk about missing the obvious. Regardless, it works better at removing sunscreen/Desitin than the shaving gel trick I posted elsewhere - much better. It's inexpensive, non-toxic, biodegradable, smells good, works in one application, is easy to rinse off and is thorough. Just use "Goop" - the same stuff you use to clean your hands after you repair your car/lawn mower/tractor:

I get the 5 Oz orange scented stuff at Dollar Tree for $1.00 which will do about 3 "treatments." I think that Harbor Freight sells the large containers for about $5.00.

To use: Get your body just very slightly wet. Apply a generous amount of Goop and rub in for a few seconds. Shower and use soap - it speeds up washing off the Goop/sunscreen mixture. It also works pretty well if you have a gallon of water in your car and a towel and want to remove it immediately post-swim. In that case, don't use soap unless you have a lot of water. Just wash as much off as you can and then manually remove the rest with the towel.


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    P.S. Be careful when you use this in the shower - it does seem to make the floor slippery.

    “Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.” - Oscar Wilde

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    Good idea. Someone once told me that using cooking oil and paper towels was the easiest way to remove zinc and lanolin. I swam Key West in 2011 and after 4 hours in the water had no issues with sun burn. However, after about 10 minutes on the beach coated with cooking oil, I fried like a lobster. So yes, cooking oil does remove zinc, just don’t use it in the sun.
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    I am just so glad @Leonard_Jansen didn't include an instructional video. :-O

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    Perhaps his post may have gotten more likes if he had...
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