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From what I understand, the triple crown in ows is English Channel, Catalina Channel, and around Manhattan. Is MIMS the only acceptable swim for this; or any swim that you go around Manhattan? If MIMS is the only acceptable one, has there ever been plans to accept other swims, or have other sanctioned full swims around Manhattan so that it may be included?


  • david_barradavid_barra Charter Member
    NYC SWIM is the sanctioning body for MIMS

    ...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

  • IronMikeIronMike Bishkek, KyrgyzstanCharter Member
    Yea Dave, but can a swimmer plan a swim and get an observer from NYC Swim and do their own MIMS? I think that's what he's asking.
  • NiekNiek Heiloo, NetherlandsMember
    Interesting idea. That way you're not restricted to the one day of the year MIMS is held. And this year it was unfortunately not the best day because "according to NYC authorities some 1 billion gallons of water entered the rivers from the rains. It's quite possible this weakened the flood in the East River." - Cold, wind, waves, sunburn, currents, jellyfish and flotsam! Hop in and join the fun!

  • david_barradavid_barra Charter Member
    The circumnavigation of manhattan is a complicated undertaking. It might sound like a good idea on paper....

    ...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

  • Yes Iron Mike,
    One day a year seems so restrictive if someone were trying to accomplish this. I know, I know, but that is the sport/challenge of OW swimming. LOL. Sometimes I think it's about making it as hard on the person as possible and the last thing taken into consideration is the actual swim. ;)
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    Azotter said:

    Sometimes I think it's about making it as hard on the person as possible and the last thing taken into consideration is the actual swim. ;)

    In response to the increased demand, last year the size of the field was nearly doubled to 40 swimmers. The event went off like clockwork... which is a double edged sword....
    You often are able to collect more useful data from from failures and mistakes than glowing successes.

    ...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

  • @david_barra, I'm not sure I'd categorise 2012 as entirely clockwork. Boats were only allocated the day beforehand, the Friday briefing was a disaster and we were held at the start (which was later) in full blazing sun for 40 minutes with no shade or water (I cramped immediately I entered the water). The problem of allocating boats at the last minute particularly, since there was nothing like Hurricane Sandy, seemed indicative of a problem.

    I was directly asked by a committee member to NOT mention any of these publicly though I covered them later on my blog.
  • david_barradavid_barra Charter Member
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    @david_barra, I'm not sure I'd categorise 2012 as entirely clockwork.

    2012 = 46 in : 46 official finish times! Maybe my standards are lower than yours.....

    I admit that my perspective is limited to event day, showtime starts with boat loading and ends when the last swimmer exits the water for me.

    Historically, there have always been enough extra boats to compensate for a couple of no-shows. I don’t see assigning them the day before as an issue.

    ...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

  • jcmalickjcmalick Charter Member
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    In a perfect world, kayakers, boat observers, and support boats would be assigned minimally a week before the event and then all have individual webinar/conference calls (ideally with skype features) to discuss all the ins/outs and familiarize with one another so that it was not an on the spot introduction (perhaps this human element would also deter some of the boat pilots from not showing up as they already have a general idea of the participant, crew, and all others involved)...perhaps this is the wave of the future?!?!

    (note: I understand accidents happen where mechanical failures or family emergencies come into play, and this is totally acceptable. This is why I agree with DB's comment above that you have a few extra boats in the waiting.)
  • bobswimsbobswims Charter Member
    It's my opinion that the 2012 MIMS was well run. Sure their were delays, but considering the complexity of the race I did not think it was excessive.

    However, the Friday pre-race meeting was a catastrophe. While no one can control the rain, an indoor venue where the briefing could be heard should have been in place. Neither I nor my crew could hear a word. I ended up swimming in place for 20 minutes shortly after I entered the Hudson. I have always wondered if there was any mention of the possibility and how to get around it in the meeting. In addition my wife who was following my GPS was completely baffled. Apparently I was swimming 7 mph in parts of the East River :-) so she thought I'd stopped swimming altogether. I was also disappointed by the after swim award events. With the chairs jammed together so tight you had to climb over them to get out, I wasn't able to talk to many of the people I had hoped to connect with. Wasn't there wasn't any better place nearby?

    One final complaint. I thought the race organizers had the water temperature set too high in the Harlem in 2012. From what I've heard, they never turned on the heater this year.
  • I agree generally @bobswims, @David-Barra & @jcmalick. I was trying to say it wasn't entirely perfect and from our perspective (the three Irish who travelled) lessons could have been learned.

    The swim itself went fine, (apart the start, which I'll continue to maintain was badly handled). But it may have been that we, unused as we are to such heat, suffered unduely, not unlike some of the swimmers that suffered this year in what we'd consider warm water. But it seemed (and still does) unnecessary and I've made the comparison that you wouldn't keep swimmers standing around in the cold.

    I agree about the 2012 dinner, it was uncomfortable & I didn't get to meet many people I wanted to such as @bobswims! Luckily I'd met @david_barra and @jcmalick earlier at BB. Maybe @bobswims will swing by Ireland on his way to/from the EC? I owe you a pint, at least.

    I think like many other pursuits, the further you travel the more easily you can be discomfited when things are working as you expect. Having come across the pond, it was very disconcerting to still not a a boat allocated 24 hours beforehand. Overall I loved MIMS 2012, recommended it widely. It was tough and the memories that are so different to any other swimming experience I've had are treasured. I'm just giving another perspective and I think it's important that we are honest about the totality of experience. No organisation is perfect and all can improve.
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