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Hi Folks,

I've been a bit of a lurker on this forum for the last few months in the build up to my first long distance OW swim, a local event (to me anyways) the Frances Thornton Memorial Galway Bay Swim, a 12km swim across Galway Bay.

The advice I picked up was excellent, as well as pointing me to blogs such as loneswimmers, which I must admit, I've been soaking up the info from.

I have a triathlon background but this forum inspired me to lose the wetsuit and get free with the jellies, although I must confess, the hottest July in Irish history helped out quite a bit also. The weather on the day was excellent, light southerly wind and water temp of about 16 deg, more once the sun came out.

Anyhow, swim was a great success and I got across in three hours, scary thing is, I was only getting into it at that stage!

The FB page is: if anyone is interested.



The half way point:


  • well done. I'm also a bit of a lurker and have been soaking up info for a while now as well
  • Congrats on the swim, Ray. What's that Thornton swim like, btw...?
  • Thanks Mike,

    Its a charity event, not really a race, and to sign up you need to raise funds for a local cause, Cancer Care West. You also need to organise your own support boat (not too big a problem here in Galway). Other than that it's well organised (getting better every year) - nearly all details on FB page linked above.

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    Well done Ray!

    I also did FTMGBS at the weekend, my first ows of any significance. I however did the 13km version:))) no one is taking a km off me:-) I did however keep my wetsuit on(perhaps next year I will have the bottle to drop it).

    This swim must surely be Ireland's biggest longish swim, at 13km with over 50 and swimmers and support boats, it seems to me to be a well kept secret outside of Galway.

    What next Ray? and also to the forum members thanks for all the very useful information and most of all the motivation. Just reading about the great swims some of you have done was enough to keep me training.
  • Well done Ray & Inthepocket there was 56 swimmers including myself doing my 2nd attempt which I failed miserably again. It was a great turn out on the day and 80k euro's were collected. So well done to you both.
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    I like your user name, @UisceBeatha. I took Irish for a couple terms. That was one of the first words we learned!
    Slán go fóill,

    Please join the Lake Issyk Kul Swimming Federation on FB!

  • Yeah @IronMike, only the good stuff for me, triple distilled :)

    @Martin6651, I do the thursday league swims and coach the tri club during the winter, if you want to discuss swimming, training plans, technique, etc, feel free to get in touch.

    @InthePocket, what's next? backdated babysitting unfortunately!
  • Ray, Still not sure if I will give it a 3rd attempt. If so I will defiantly get in touch. Thursday league swims are they the ones at Black Rock at present ?
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