Recovery after a long hard season

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In other endurance sports one takes a few weeks off after the training and races are over. I am looking for more feedback on how marathon swimmers recover after they have worked so hard. Thanks for sharing.

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  • I am curious about this too. My "season" will be finishing in just a few weeks and my coach is ominously muttering about "recalibrating, crosstraining, recovery" and I am wondering not only what this will look like for me, but what it looks like for others.
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    I think alot depends on ones, ahem , age.
    I find for workouts/swims lasting longer than 3 hours I am needing about a day per hour.So , if I do a 4 hour session on a Sat. I can swim on Sunday but it won't be pretty. Monday and Tues.. again.. it's okay but it feels like cr** and my already slow speeds are close to glacial. Come Thurs? I shld be back to normal. In terms of a "season" I can't afford to do more than one big swim a year... so a "season' is whatever leads up to that one big chunk of money.( I am over 50, so those young folks probably have a different response.) :)

    Looking for the next big thing.. ... @suzieswimcoach

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    The most important recovery happens between the ears! :) And there is no timetable for such things.
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    I didn't do any big swim this year (boo no money) but my training metres are still ok (~800k, still on target for annual megametre).

    The last 4 weeks I've hit a wall and after only taking three weeks of easy swimming, it's like I haven't swam for months. I've lost 30 seconds off my 400m time! At the same time, I don't feel ready to go back to proper training. I hate this time of year when I know I can't commit to a target for next year, so I'm sticking to low pool metre sessions of about 3k, for the next month at least and just working a bit of threshold, and a bit of speed and trying to hold my technique in check. This time of the year for the past 3 years I do start thinking about doing a 4 to 6 hour pool session every month, entirely so I won't feel like I've completely atrophied.
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    I found that doing a little triathlon (blasphemy!) last Sat was refreshing and fun. Just being in the sunshine doing something physical but a bit different helps. Also, I'm suddenly enjoying short races (2-3 miles). Pretty soon it'll be time to start piling on the yards again.
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    Listen to your shoulders. They'll tell you when they're ready to go again. Also, maybe more importantly, you need to give your head a rest too. There's nothing wrong with spending time doing easy swims (like 95% of the population). Short 2-3K sets are nice. I know. I've tried them (for science).
  • I'm glad it's not just me! I have been feeling sluggish for 3 weeks and have been doing a lot of shorter sets, and messing about in the river. I do feel the urge to start cranking it up though, and doing a decent (>3 h) swim once or twice a month.......
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    Thanks for bringing this up. After finishing my first marathon swim ever (Lake Zurich this August) I've been wondering what other swimmers are up to after such a long swim. I did only two to three short sets (2-3K) per week for two months. Now I feel ready to uppen distance and sets per week again but haven't decided on a new goal yet that would actually keep me going...
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    25 km Beltquerung? not to far from Berlin. - Cold, wind, waves, sunburn, currents, jellyfish and flotsam! Hop in and join the fun!

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    I think ColmBreathnach is right on....and if not planning on another long swim...I would say, when rested and glycogen levels back up, try some cross training and light weight work and core work to build a base for next season...I see a lot of obsession with some swimmers endangering their precious shoulders....I understand obsession but I would say get some balance!!!

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  • Niek said:

    25 km Beltquerung? not to far from Berlin.

    Niek, that's a good one but also very tough because of unpredictable winds and currents. Unfortunately though I am a wimp when it comes to jellyfish... For now I prefer freshwater. :-)
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    @stella_schwimmt You'll find almost all the openwater events in Germany on and for triathlons and some openwater on

    You have one of the few German marathon swims near Berlin:
    16 km Neuruppiner Langstreckenschimmen, Neuruppin, Germany
    or look for other marathons in Germany here - Cold, wind, waves, sunburn, currents, jellyfish and flotsam! Hop in and join the fun!

  • I am now swimming about 30km a week and I believe how well you recover depends on what you do before, during and after every swim session. Before, you need to make sure your body has the fuel and is hydrated enough to do what you intend it to do. During the swim you should continue to keep well hydrated and eat simple carbs 90% and protein 10%. Once you are warming down from the session concentrate on getting the acid out so spend time loosening the arms, neck and upper back (if you are doing mostly freestyle sets). Then i have a carton of milk (350ml) as soon as i hop out (this protein helps repair/rebuild damaged muscle). Then go home and eat your veggies and lots of them!

    By taking care of your body the whole way through recovery times will be decreased.
  • Thanks Kane, but I am looking really for advice about after the season. Wondering if anyone takes breaks.

    Sisu: a Finnish term meaning strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity.

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    I haven't touched the water in two weeks... I always need a break after the season, just to catch up on real life again. Taking some time away from swim suits, while I mourn the end of open water season, always helps get me motivated to get back at it, even if it means hot swimming pools for a few months.
  • I didn't do any big swim this year (boo no money)

    @Loneswimmer, I would advise you to stop participating in expensive conference calls with "celebrities". Hey, if I ever win the Euro Lottery I will sponsor you.

    Thanks all for your feedback which I take to heart.

    Sisu: a Finnish term meaning strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity.

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    I swim a similar weekly distance to Kane and after tonight I am taking a two week break.

    Feel fine, no injuries/niggles just always good to have a break re-charge and get ready for a big block of swim training in the pool upto Xmas.

    I use Maxifuel as an energy drink before and during can anyone recommend a good recovery drink??? just trying a few different things out. Many thanks.
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    Hi there

    I am just coming off a long year of training which ultimately lead to a 70km solo swim. It's been 2 weeks and 2 days since the big swim and I am finding the recovery process quite difficult. I am used to swimming 40km + per week and am down to 2km if I am lucky.

    Any suggestions to help me through this would be greatly appreciated. I miss swimming for so many reasons : (
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    I am so glad this thread re-emerged because I have been having the same questions. Basically, I just swim. All year. All the time. And I love it. And it keeps me sane, and my family is happier when I do.

    That said, I wonder if I am feeling a bit sluggy lately because of the lack of a longer break. (If time permitted, I would swim every day. Darn that pesky work thing!)

    I took a few days off after Lake Zurich this summer, but ran in Paris almost every day, then started swimming outside as soon as we hit Spain. One more swim to go, the Alligator Light Swim next week, and after that, the "season" is over. My husband was asking what I was going to do, and whether I should start getting on my bike more, etc.

    My shoulders don't hurt but I know I definitely have a tendency to overtrain--because I am manic.
    Those of you do take time off, how do you compensate for the ensuing insanity? Because I feel like I am going nuts when I don't swim...
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    I had my "big swim" two weeks ago after a season that started last october and brought me to about 500k of swimming. For the last two weeks I swam only half my usual weekly distance and just for fun - so no real training, just playing around, doing the things I like most (lots of backflykick with fins! yeah! :) ) and celebrating the end of a great open water season with shorter swims (around 1 h) in my favourite lakes. I also spent some time analyzing and wrapping up the season (big fan of statistics here...) and pre-planning the next season (next big swims and a rough timetable to get there). Starting this week there is a three-week-no-swims-allowed-plan in action and I hate it. I miss swimming, I am grumpy - but I know I need it, maybe less for the body, but definitely for my head. The break gives me time to catch up on things outside the world of swimming and it is desperately needed to motivate me to get back in an overheated, overcrowded 25m-pool for some real training starting in october again. To not go nuts completely I try out different sports in that time - this years project: rowing (fun, but, well, its not swimming...). A break of three weeks seems to be the right choice for me - less, and I will not make it to christmas without a swimming crisis, more, and I will completely loose my feeling for the water. This plan worked for me last year, so I am just doing it again and I am already looking forward to the new season.
  • RECOVERY FROM CHANNEL SWIM Dear Swimmers, What is the best way and how long should it take to recover from a channel swim ? Thanks John

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    JohnTierney said: RECOVERY FROM CHANNEL SWIM Dear Swimmers, What is the best way and how long should it take to recover from a channel swim ? Thanks John

    I recon the best way to recover after a swim like that is to turn around and swim back in the opposite direction

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