Proven frauds - information request

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Hi all
Does anyone have a list / info about any proven marathon swimming frauds? I've got Dorothy Logan from the 1920's, and am aware of the suspicions around last year's claimed December North Channel swim. But I am sure there are a few more. I'm not looking for examples of swims where allegiance to particular sets of rules are at issue in terms of what kind of swim it was, but rather, out and out fraudulent claims to have done a swim either without having got wet or, as in Logan's case, only getting wet for short stretches at either end. Ideally, I'm looking for proven / confessed cases, if there are any, since I can write about those more directly, but am also interested in widely recognised or generally accepted out and out frauds. Do the Catalina / SB swims have any historical cases that I can look at?

I'm also interested in accusations of fraud and how they get played out publicly - I've already got Gleitz and have already written quite extensively about the Florida Straits disputes, past and present. But any others?

It's background info for the swimming book, which is now 50% written and proceeding at a glacial but steady pace...much like me on a long swim, really.

Many thanks


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