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I first swam 56 years ago when I was forced, as a Royal Navy recruit, to jump naked from the top board of the HMS Ganges (England) swimming pool . It took me four more frightening months of daily 'backward swimming' sessions to pass my navy swim test. I am still petrified of the mysterious sea. I have managed to recently swim the crawl and with constant pool sessions I am more confident, but very slow.

I classify myself as a beginning swimmer. I have completed three 1.9k swims, two very slow ones of over 90 mins. The last one in an ecstatic 65 mins. At the age of 71 I seem not to be welcome in swimming circles, not sure if it's my age that puts people off, or my slow speed. Any old timers out there with similar problems. Love to hear any comments advice from anyone.


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    Wear your age as a badge of honor. All are welcome here. Speed is relative and at age 71 you get points for just putting on a Speedo. Perhaps the people you refer to are intimidated by your good looks...or your naked high dive story.
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    Thanks so much for your fine comments. On much recollection I reckon it must be the high dive story. LOL. Thank you
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    Maybe it's your speedo.
    To loose or to tight fitting speedo turn people off. :)

    Don't mind the others and keep on swimming.
    At the EC Masters in Eindhoven this year your age group did the 2,8 km in:

    1. Joachim Hintze 1942 SG Neukoelln Berlin 43:36.50
    2. Mario Paterni 1943 Nuoto Livorno D.L.F. 45:49.60
    3. Tony Cherrington 1942 Spencer Swim Team 45:56.15
    4. Joaquin Canales de Mendoza 1940 Real Club Mediterraneo 50:21.55
    5. Michael Peter Read 1941 Brighton SC 52:45.30
    6. Mauricio O'shanahan Roca 1942 CN Metropole 52:55.85
    7. Zeev Shabtay 1941 Wingate Masters SC 56:48.80
    8. Ulf Brangefaelt 1942 Vasteras Simsallskap 57:40.15
    9. Manfred Bottin 1941 SV Langenfeld 1912 1:02:08.95
    10. Hans-Juergen Ackermann 1941 turn- u. Skiklub Breckerfeld 1:03:28.10
    11. Richard William Clives 1941 Troutbeck Bridge ASC 1:07:26.05
    12. Luc Ricordeau 1941 Sporting Club Orvault Natation 1:11:58.50

    The slowest man was Gabriel Villalonga FRA 1927 in 1:35:10.30 of age-group 75+

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    You are welcome here Papa (from a fellow slow swimmer!)
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    You're totally welcome and respected here! Just keep on doing what you love. I hope to still be at it when I'm in my 70s!
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    "At the age of 71 I seem not to be welcome in swimming circles, not sure if it's my age that puts people off, or my slow speed"

    It embarrasses them when they see you and remember all the whining they do at morning practices.
  • Thanks all for your positive comments. They add greatly to my desire to "keep swimming". Thanks.
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    If you are ever in Ireland, the average age of Newtown and Guillamenes swimming club is past retirement with members swimming daily year round. None of them moan about the weather as much as I do!

    The Sandycove Island Swimming Club has members into their 70s and the annual pre-Christmas swim to celebrate one of our swimmers gradually replacing the last of his remaining bits with a bionic prosthesis takes place this week.

    Roger Allsop, oldest man to swim the English Channel two years ago is 74 (I think) and Otto Thaining who was training this year for his second crossing, is 75.

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    I was soundly beaten in the 12 mile Rottnest Channel swim this year by Dieter Loeliger who turned 80 on the day of the swim. Two years earlier he thrashed the relay team I was swimming on :D

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    Glad to have you here, @papa!
  • Makes me cry in wonder, thanks for all those tips, advice and comments
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