2014 US OW Championships

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  • david_barradavid_barra NYCharter Member
    Pretty much agree with that statement.
    There was a 10 k in NYC a few years ago with challenging conditions and there was quite a lot of sniveling from the professional field... So it seems like they have come to expect courses that don't offer much adversity.

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  • Leonard_JansenLeonard_Jansen Charter Member
    It's been pretty much the same in cross country running for over 30 years - too many important races are held on golf course-like setups. No real brutal hills, mud, etc. It's often just a track race held on grass. Cross country world championships were recently downgraded from being held every year to every other year due to lack of interest. No coincidence.
    Although I enjoy watching professional open water races, they are often somewhat dull in the sense that most of them are sit-and-kick affairs. As such, they are a bit of a tough sell to the average person who has no knowledge/appreciation of the nuances of the sport. It will be interesting to see if Brazil's beach venue changes that - at least somewhat.


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  • IronMikeIronMike Arlington, VACharter Member
    Professional OW races are simply long pool swims w/o the walls.

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  • timsroottimsroot Spring, TXCharter Member
    Niek said:
    Alex Meyer voiced concerns along those lines after the last olympics. There is no structured "feeder series" to develop high end open water swimmers in the US. The olympic field was chosen in Shanghai at the world championships on a rough, warm course for the field that swam in London in the Olympics on a cold, flatwater course, which he didn't think made a lot of sense. I suppose that second complaint was fielded more at FINA than USS, but it's valid toward both organizations.

  • timsroottimsroot Spring, TXCharter Member

    They're moving the meet back to California. What a joke.
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