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  • Update: After using nootca 5 for a few long swims, I've found them just that little bit too uncomfortable after a few hours. I've gone back to swedes.
  • Donal is right about View Visio V200AM-R. They're the only goggle I've ever worn that I can don a soon as I pull out of the case, without adjustment, but then that's probably just the shape of my head. Very comfy over time, low profile, good UV, sun protection, sick look -- we call them the Fully Sicks -- and you can get them in Europe if you order through us at Delivery to Europe is c. 13eu or 10 parnd, and gogs cost is 21eu/18 parnd. We despatch in most cases on the same day. Have a look at
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    So, I stupidly didn't pack a second pair of goggles and my swim is tomorrow. I did an emergency shopping trip and got the Zoggs Reactor. I felt a bit ridiculous paying so much for a pair of goggles, but my goodness, what a marvel that thing is! It changes from clear to dark based on the amount of light outside, which should help a lot tomorrow, as we're starting in the dark and will only see the sunrise about two or three hours into the swim.
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    I am convenienced that it is the oil on ones head and face that causes the fogging problem (chemists anyone??) so a good soap like dawn and warm water after each use works better than a weak soap like baby shampoo (I used to use it) can take a eye dropper filled with dawn to use in an emergency (one drop is all you need and smear on both lenses) and clean where ever you have some water to rinse....what do you think??? I am liking my zoggs polarides but if I don't clean them they fog...

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  • heartheart San Francisco, CAMember
    So far so good with the Zoggs. I hope they won't disappoint tomorrow.
  • IronMikeIronMike Bishkek, KyrgyzstanCharter Member
    How did the Zoggs do in the swim, @heart?
  • heartheart San Francisco, CAMember
    The Zoggs were awesome, @IronMike. I got the Reactor ones, which become tinted as the sun comes up. It was great that they were clear when I jumped in at nighttime, because there were LOTS of scary slippery rocks and I would never have been able to see where I was going with tinted lenses. They gradually picked up tint as the sun rose in the sky, and I didn't have any glare or any other annoying problems.

    The seal held up most of the time, except for one unpleasant patch at the beginning. But that was probably my fault, because the glowsticks I stuck in the goggle strap started rolling forward toward my face and broke the seal.

    Overall, I would highly, highly recommend these for swims that involve changing light conditions, the one caveat being the prohibitive price.
  • IronMikeIronMike Bishkek, KyrgyzstanCharter Member
    Wow, that'd be nice to have "transition" lenses like that. I'll have to check them out. I'm so scared of spending the money for different goggles since the speedos I've been using for years work great.
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    Whatever works for you. I wear $7 Speedo Sprints. EVMO digs the Swedes, which are cool. However, they offer no protection when kicked in the face. $7 Sprints to the rescue.

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    Yeah. For mass-start races I avoid Swedes and instead opt for Blueseventy Hydra Visions.

    I believe Chad Ho (the South African pro OW swimmer) was seriously injured a few years ago from a kick to the eyes with Swedes on.
  • I also use the Zoggs Reactor with the monochromatic lenses and have had a lot of success with them.
  • how long do you find goggles generally last? I've had my last pair of goggles now for about 11 months and I use then at least 3 times a week in the gym pool. They are now finished and are leaking. Seems like a reasonable time but curious to hear others experiences
  • mongoose said:

    how long do you find goggles generally last? I've had my last pair of goggles now for about 11 months and I use then at least 3 times a week in the gym pool. They are now finished and are leaking. Seems like a reasonable time but curious to hear others experiences

    I go through about 3 pairs a year. I switch them out when the gasket unglues or the lenses get scratched up too much. Before a big race I used to get a new pair broken in a few weeks before. The lenses are usually still pretty clear by then.
  • KevinKevin Member
    I purchased Zoggs Predator Flex goggles about 2 months ago and have found them to be extremely comfortable and was almost converted . They were never abused and carefully looked after . Swimming down the pool today the nose bridge just split and the goggles fell apart ! Has this happened to anybody ? I don't think I can trust them again to buy a new pair . If it happened out at sea , it would not be fun . Just trying to figure out if this is common or not . It has never happened before , for me , with any other goggles .
  • My Zoggs Predators broke similarly at the nose piece. However, I had lent them to someone who had really tightened the straps a lot (seemed excessive when I got them back because my head is not that big and neither was hers) and they snapped in that swim. Too bad because I liked 'em too. I might try again though and not lend them.
  • I swim in TYR special ops goggles. polarized lenses. very comfortable. great at cutting the glare.can go to and design your own goggles! they have them in country colors, zebra is a favorite...and cheeta. way cool goggles.
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    I have had trouble with goggles leaking on most long swims - including my EC :-( Basically standard size predators, kaiman, kayenne etc are too large, and the women's sizes are too small.
    I am going to try the Aquasphere Vista, but can anyone tell me (since these are borderline masks and cover more of the face) whether there are any specific rules about goggles for any channel swims?image
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