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  • Global Marathon Swimming Awards 2017 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    While I am flattered to be recognized for my efforts, I'd like to be sure that the efforts of the other nominees do not go unheeded. I had a difficult time selecting between two different nominees this year, wholly because of the inspiration and guidance they gave me over the past few years.

    Scott, who I've never met in person, was happy to spend some time and share stories, advice, and pro tips with me on what a sanctioning body should look like. It was the SBCSA I first looked to in 2012 on how the organization should work.

    Elaine and Greg rounded out my knowledge of small sanctioning bodies during the early days. Our by laws are eerily similar. Their approach to Boston Light was in mind as we prepared for our first, soon to be second, MIMS. And their enthusiasm and willingness to take on big and little swims gave me something to strive for.

    Add to that the inspiration from the 2016 winners, and you'll see I'm really just copying everyone else. If you think I'm at all organized and okay at figuring out currents, its because I watched Rondi. If you think I'm good at piloting and being really tan, you can blame Dave.

    So thank you to everyone who has shown me how to do what I do, and thank you for letting me drive the boat. And if this helps anyone else get inspired to pitch in and help, then it'll all be worth it.


  • Can we talk cramp triggers again please

    Some anecdotes on this subject that may or may not have any sciencey logic to them:

    Long ago, when I was both training a lot and on a low-carb diet (stifle those laughs!), I found my first practice of the week went fine, halfway through the second I'd get bad leg cramps, and the third workout ended during warm up due to cramping. No amount if stretching seemed to help. After a carb-heavy weekend, the pattern reset. This happened for a few weeks. If nothing else, this perceived link between carbs and cramps convinced me to drop the donut-free lifestyle.

    After long swims, my hip flexors would cramp badly (regardless of temperatures, but worse in the cold). I found salvation in some combination of regular open water training and changing to a standing-desk at work. Both I imagine provided some long-term stretching and strengthening that flipping in a pool cannot offer.

  • Dragging incidentals along when I swim in the ocean

    Out of curiosity, what swim @sam?

  • New MSF Documented Swim - Sarah Thomas - Lake Champlain

    All you really need is that boat and one could swim anywhere. Oh, that boat!

  • A new MIMS - Mercer Island Marathon Swim, 2 June 2017 by NOWSA

    The date has been set as Friday, 8 June 2018. Liz Rosen will be our race director again.

    Registration will begin mid to late January. We're hoping to get online registration and payment up and running before then. Stay tuned for details.