MSF Documented Swim

Patti Bauernfeind

Monterey Bay

25 miles

August 26, 2014

13 hours, 0 minutes

Observed & Documented by Michelle Macy


  • Name: Patti Bauernfeind
  • Age: 47      
  • Resides in: Dublin, California


Solo crossing of Monterey Bay (California) from Santa Cruz to Monterey.

  • Date: August 26, 2014
  • Start: 3:53:30 (Pacific Daylight).
  • Finish: 16:53:30
  • Swim Duration: 13 hours, 0 minutes.

Route Details

  • Start: Twin Lakes State Beach, Santa Cruz (36.961968 N, -122.000672 W).
  • Finish: San Carlos Beach, Monterey (36.609681 N, -121.895039 W).
  • Straight-Line Distance: 25.06 statute miles (40.33 km).

Historical Claims

Second known unassisted solo Monterey Bay crossing, after Cindy Cleveland in 1980.

Support Personnel

  • Pilots: Dave Todd, Randy Harris
  • Vessel: Silver Prince (Monterey, Calif.)
  • Paddlers: Erin Stone, Earle Conklin, Larry Baeder, Michael Heffernan
  • Crew: Kim Rutherford, Leann Harvey, Joseph Locke
  • Observer: Michelle Macy

Rules & Conduct

Swim Category: Unassisted marathon swim

RulesSanta Barbara Channel Swimming Association

Feeds: Alternating among Hammer Perpetuem, Nuun + amino acid, and solid rice protein mix. Occasional mouthwash rinse.

GPS Track

Recorded on Garmin Forerunner worn by kayaker Erin Stone.

<iframe src=”track.html” width=”100%” height=”600” frameborder=0></iframe>

Summary of Weather Observations

Refer to Observer Log for further detail.

Wind: Beaufort Force 1 (early) to Force 3 (afternoon)

Water Temperature: 62F at start to 65F at finish.

Air Temperature: 60F at start to 70F at finish.

Swells: From flat to 2-4 feet.

Skies: Full sun.

Observer Log

Written and submitted by Michelle Macy.

Link to full report (7-page PDF)

observer log

Swimmer’s Narrative Report

Download PDF file.

Other Documentation