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Dover Harbour. Wikimedia Commons image.

Point Vicente, with Catalina Island in background.

Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges, East River, New York City. Wikimedia Commons image.

Straits of Gibraltar. Wikimedia Commons image.

North Avenue Beach, Chicago. Wikimedia Commons image.

Aquatic Park, San Francisco. Wikimedia Commons image.

Border Buster swim, Lake Memphremagog, Vermont. Image by James Vanzant.

Santa Barbara Channel & Channel Islands.

Promontory Point, Chicago.

“Channel fleet heading out.” Image by Donal Buckley,

Back side of Catalina Island. Image by Dan Simonelli.

Dover cliffs and English Channel. Image by Dan Simonelli.

White cliffs of Dover. Image by Dan Simonelli.

Sunrise, Straits of Florida. Image by Dan Simonelli.

Buoy off La Jolla Cove. Image by Dan Simonelli.

Image by Jen Alexander.

Swimmer in Tampa Bay. Image by Bart Cobb.

Anacapa Island, Santa Barbara Channel. Image by Theo Schmeeckle.

Start of the Boston Light Swim. Image by Greg O’Connor.

Sunset, Boston Harbor. Image by Greg O’Connor.

Cap Griz Nez & south to Boulogne. Image by Donal Buckley,

Cap Petit-Blanc, both Shipping Lanes & The Separation Zone. Image by Donal Buckley,

Calais and English Channel Traffic. Image by Donal Buckley,

Jim Neitz, swimming from Anacapa, escorted by Tom Ball. Image by Evan Morrison.

Anacapa Island at sunrise, as viewed from the east end of Santa Cruz Island; California mainland in background. Image by Evan Morrison.

Donaghadee Harbour in Northern Ireland, at dawn, with Quinton Nelson’s North Channel ex-RNLI boat The Guy & Clare Hunter just barely visible underneath the lighthouse. Image by Donal Buckley

Killantringan Lighthouse, north of Portpatrick (the Light isn’t operational any longer). Image by Donal Buckley.

Squall in the North Channel. Image by Donal Buckley.

The Copper Coast. Image by Donal Buckley

Sandycove Island. Image by Mark Sadler.

Tramore Bay, Copper Coast, Ireland. Image by Donal Buckley.

Santa Barbara Island, east side. Image by Anthony McCarley.

Flathead Lake, Montana. Image by Dana Johnston.

Quartermaster Harbor, Vashon Island, Washington. Image by Peter Ray.