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The following individuals have indicated their willingness to serve as a marathon swim observer.

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Name Location Willing to observe swims in…
Amanda Donnellan Maui Anywhere
Andrew Malinak Seattle, WA Pacific Northwest, or where ever I happen to be living at the time.
Anne Cleveland La Jolla CA anywhere
Bob Fernald New Hampshire. USA Anywhere
Bob Needham Oregon USA Anywhere my wife will let me go
Bryan Temmemrand San Francisco, CA anywhere
Cathy Harrington Martinez, CA California, Arizona
Chris Derks Washington, DC Anywhere
Christopher Blakeslee Northern California Anywhere
Courtney Paulk Virginia, USA anywhere
Dan Simonelli San Diego, CA anywhere
David Barra New York Anywhere
Deanne Draeger Berkeley, CA anywhere
Desislav Hristov Northern Ireland Anywhere
Elaine Howley Boston, MA USA Anywhere
Evan Morrison San Francisco anywhere
Freya Magnusson San Francisco USA, Canada, Mexico
Garth Ingle New Zealand New Zealand
Gordon Gridley Utah Utah
Greg O’Connor Massachusetts, USA anywhere my family allows me to go
Hadar Aviram San Francisco San Francisco Bay Area, Israel
Helen Beveridge Inverness, Scotland Loch Ness; other Scotland
Helen Lin Boston, MA Anywhere
Jamie Patrick San Francisco Northern California
Jan Wilson Hawaii anywhere
Janet Kylander Manning Maryland, USA Anywhere
Janine Serell NY NY anywhere
Jason Malick Tampa Bay, Florida anywhere
JC DuBois New York Anywhere
Jen Alexander Vancouver, BC, Canada anywhere
Jim Fitzpatrick Laguna Niguel, CA Anywhere
Josh Heynes Erie, Pa Great Lakes
Julie Farrell New Jersey, USA NJ, NY, Northeast USA
Julie Lloyd UK anywhere if I can afford it
Karl Kingery Denver, Colorado Anywhere, Mountain West is Best
Kelley Prebil San Francisco, California anywhere
Kellie Latimer Massachusetts, USA anywhere
Kent Nicholas Arizona, USA California Coast and AZ lakes
Kevin Price NEW zEALAND New Zealand
Leonore Modell Messenger Los Osos, California anywhere
Linda Collard New Zealand South Pacific
Lisa Amorao Monterey Bay, San Francisco Bay Northern California
Liz Morrish Nottingham UK UK, EU, US
Lynn Kubasek Laguna Beach, CA anywhere (depends on work schedule)
Lynsey Dunne Ireland Anywhere
Martina Pavlicova NYC, USA anywhere
Max Cumming Norfolk UK UK
Max Cumming Norfolk Uk East Anglia UK
Michael Garr Kingston RI Massachusetts, RI
Michael Gemelli New Jersey, USA anywhere
Mike Cochrane New Zealand New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific
Mike Tyson Moscow, Russia Russia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe
Natalie Merrow Southern California anywhere except middle East
Neil van der Byl Southern California Anywhere
Nicole Piha Australia anywhere
Niek Kloots Netherlands anywhere
Paul Dufty New Zealand New Zealand
Paul Georgescu ROMANIA Anywhere
Pierre Lord Sydney, Australia Anywhere
Richard Broer Netherlands Anywhere
Robert Hamilton Scottish Anywhere
Robert Howlett UK anywhere
Rosie Sharman New Zealand New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific
Sarah Watson Atlantic City, NJ US and potentially abroad with plenty of advance notice
Scott Tapley California California
Simon Olliver New Zealand anywhere
Stuart Munday Norfolk,England Uk and Europe
Sue Dyson St Lucia Caribbean
Suzie Dods San Francisco Anywhere but have issues w seasickness…sometimes.
Sylvia Lacock San Francisco, CA anywhere
Theo Schmeeckle California anywhere
Tiffany Mcqueen Central Texas anywhere

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