Premium Memberships

MSF Premium Members get exclusive or discounted access to premium MSF services, including LongSwimsDB result uploads, GPS tracking, and MSF Documented Swims. Members also receive an exclusive MSF logo patch and a free or discounted annual photo calendar.

Memberships are valid one year from date of purchase.


We currently offer two membership tiers: Standard and Gold.

  Standard ($40) Gold ($90)
LongSwimsDB results uploads unlimited unlimited
LongSwimsDB custom profile content not included included GPS tracking 2 free swims (standard tier) unlimited swims
MSF Documented Swims regular fee* 50% discount
MSF logo patch (members only) free free
MSF annual photo calendar 50% discount free
MSF silicone swim cap regular price free

Please note: benefits are not transferable to other individuals.

* A currently-valid MSF Premium Membership is required to submit MSF Documented Swims for ratification. There is an additional $50 submission fee per swim (discounted to $25 for Gold Members).

Purchase a Membership

Please choose a membership tier and check out via PayPal.
A PayPal account is not required - just a credit card.


Premium Memberships for Contributors

Anyone who contributes meaningfully to the ongoing development of the Marathon Swimmers Federation is eligible for a complimentary standard-tier Premium Membership. Examples of meaningful contributions include: