Full Change List

Version 1.1

Spirit of Marathon Swimming

  • Removed word “innate” from phrase “beyond their own innate physical strength”


  • Re-wrote second sentence.
    • Old: Any swim using nonstandard performance-enhancing equipment, or otherwise violating the rules of unassisted marathon swimming, is considered an Assisted Swim.
    • New: Any swim that benefits from assistance - in the form of nonstandard performance-enhancing equipment, supportive contact with the swimmer, or other violation of the spirit of unassisted marathon swimming - is considered an Assisted Swim.

Standard Equipment

  • “swimsuit… must not extend below the thigh” → “below the knee”
  • added item: “Safety lights for night visibility.”
  • added item: “Simple timekeeping device (chronometer).”

Examples of nonstandard performance-enhancing equipment → new title: Varieties of Nonstandard Equipment

  • Added new intro paragraph:
    • Nonstandard equipment is anything not specifically included in the list of standard equipment. While it is impossible to exhaustively list all potential nonstandard equipment, we can categorize them as either (1) performance-enhancing, or (2) non-performance enhancing.
      Regardless of the performance benefit, swimmers must always declare use of nonstandard equipment in their swim rules and documentation.
  • Replaced item in list of PE-equipment:
    • Old: “Electronic devices attached to the swimmer, which transmit information to the swimmer – e.g., wristwatches, navigation aids, biofeedback monitors.”
    • New: “Wearable electronic devices that transmit information to the swimmer beyond the simple time of day or elapsed time.”
  • Added new subsection: Non-Performance-Enhancing Equipment

Non-performance-enhancing equipment provides no obvious benefit to performance, but nonetheless is not considered part of the standard equipment of marathon swimming. Swims using such equipment may still qualify as unassisted, but the equipment must be specifically declared in the swim rules and documentation.

Examples of non-performance-enhancing equipment include:

  • Swimwear with increased coverage - e.g., stinger suits, rash guards.
  • Wildlife deterrents - e.g., shark shields, shark divers, jellyfish sweepers. Note: harming marine wildlife violates the spirit of marathon swimming.
  • Wearable electronic devices that log data but do not transmit it to the swimmer.

Standard Equipment

  • (last paragraph): Old: “Any equipment not specifically listed here is considered nonstandard equipment. Use of nonstandard equipment must always be declared, even if the equipment’s benefit to performance is ambiguous.”
    • Moved to 2nd paragraph of Varieties of Nonstandard Equipment section, re-wrote as: “Regardless of the performance benefit, swimmers must always declare use of nonstandard equipment in their swim rules and documentation.”

Swim Rules

Authority on the Escort Vessel
  • “pilot…may cancel swim at any time, for any reason” → “at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to concerns for the safety of the swimmer or support personnel.”