Patti Bauernfeind - Monterey Bay

Twin Lakes Beach, Santa Cruz to San Carlos Beach, Monterey

25 miles

13 hours, 0 minutes on August 26, 2014

Observed and documented by Michelle Macy


  • Name: Patti Bauernfeind
  • Age: 47      
  • Resides in: Dublin, California


Solo crossing of Monterey Bay (California) from Santa Cruz to Monterey.

  • Date: August 26, 2014
  • Start: 3:53:30 (Pacific Daylight).
  • Finish: 16:53:30
  • Swim Duration: 13 hours, 0 minutes.

Route Details

  • Start: Twin Lakes State Beach, Santa Cruz (36.961968 N, -122.000672 W).
  • Finish: San Carlos Beach, Monterey (36.609681 N, -121.895039 W).
  • Straight-Line Distance: 25.06 statute miles (40.33 km).

Historical Claims

Second known unassisted solo Monterey Bay crossing, after Cindy Cleveland in 1980.

Support Personnel

  • Pilots: Dave Todd, Randy Harris
  • Vessel: Silver Prince (Monterey, Calif.)
  • Paddlers: Erin Stone, Earle Conklin, Larry Baeder, Michael Heffernan
  • Crew: Kim Rutherford, Leann Harvey, Joseph Locke
  • Observer: Michelle Macy

Rules & Conduct

Swim Category: Unassisted marathon swim

RulesSanta Barbara Channel Swimming Association

Feeds: Alternating among Hammer Perpetuem, Nuun + amino acid, and solid rice protein mix. Occasional mouthwash rinse.

GPS Track

Recorded on Garmin Forerunner worn by kayaker Erin Stone.

Summary of Weather Observations

Refer to Observer Log for further detail.

Wind: Beaufort Force 1 (early) to Force 3 (afternoon)

Water Temperature: 62F at start to 65F at finish.

Air Temperature: 60F at start to 70F at finish.

Swells: From flat to 2-4 feet.

Skies: Full sun.

Observer Log

Written and submitted by Michelle Macy.

Link to full report (7-page PDF)

observer log

Swimmer’s Narrative Report

Download PDF file.

Other Documentation