Margarita 'Tita' Llorens - Ibiza Channel

Ibiza to Javea

90.3 km (56.1 miles)

36 hours, 16 minutes on 26-27 July 2018

Observed and documented by Toni Huguet Arguimbau

First unassisted solo swim of Ibiza Channel.



Support Personnel

  • Pilots: Juan Colomina, Viso Alonso
  • Kayakers: Francisco “Siscu” Pons, Rafa Pastor, Toni Huguet Arguimbau
  • Crew: Sofia Moll, Erika Llorens, Joaquin Milla, David Monserrat, Reidel Rodriguez Pimienta
  • Observer: Toni Huguet Arguimbau

Escort Vessel: Amber Star

Swim Parameters

Category: Solo, nonstop, unassisted.

Rules: MSF Rules of Marathon Swimming, without exception or modification.

Route Definition

Minimum Route Distance (actual start to actual finish): 90.3 km (56.1 miles)

Minimum Channel Distance: 87.4 km (54.3 miles)


Unprecedented. One previous attempt in 2017 by same swimmer.

Swim Data

  • Start: 26 July 2018, 07:14 (Europe/Madrid).
  • Finish: 27 July 2018, 19:30
  • Elapsed: 36 hours, 16 minutes, 6 seconds.

Summary of Conditions

Feature Min Max
Water Temp (C) 26 27
Air Temp (C) 25 30
Wind (kph) calm 14

GPS Track

Trackpoint frequency: 30 minutes. Download raw data (CSV).

Alternative track data from Garmin watch - KML download.

Speed Plot

Nutrition: See log.

Observer Log

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By Siscu Pons. Click to enlarge


Video courtesy Siscu Pons