Documentation Template

The following is a template for documenting a marathon swim according to the standards of MSF Documented Swims. We suggest typing details directly into the Microsoft Word version of this document.

Swimmer Bio

  • First (given) name(s):
  • Last (family) name(s):
  • Gender:
  • Age on date of swim:
  • Nationality:
  • City & country of residence
  • Contact email:

Observer(s) Bio

  • Name:
  • Contact email:
  • Contact phone:
  • Previous marathon swim observing experience:
  • Other qualifications (e.g., observer training, CPR/AED/First Aid/etc., marathon swims completed, other involvement in the sport of swimming):

Copy bullet-points for multiple observers.

Support Personnel

Name Role

Support Vessels

Name Type Home Port


Review MSF Rules of Marathon Swimming at:

  • Swimsuit brand and model:
  • List all other equipment worn by swimmer:
  • Did the swimmer complete the swim route under their own power and without making supportive contact with any vessel, person, or object? Yes or No

Route Definition

Body of Water:

General Route Description:

Route Type: one-way, multi-way, circumnavigation, island loop, or combination.

Start Location

  • Latitude/Longitude coordinates
  • Name/description of location

Finish Location (if different from start)

  • Latitude/Longitude coordinates
  • Name/description of location

If this swim is not an established route (listed in LongSwimsDB), please include details of any historical swims you are aware of:

Basic Swim Facts

  • Start Date (year, month, day):
  • Start Time (hour, minute, second)
  • Finish Date:
  • Finish Time:
  • Time Zone:
  • Total Elapsed Time (hours, minutes, seconds):

Summary of Conditions

Feature Minimum (include units) Maximum (include units)
Wind Speed    
Water Temperature    
Air Temperature    

Observer Log

Must include regular timestamped observations of:

  • Water temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Wind speed or force
  • Stroke rate (strokes per minute)
  • Notes on conditions, feeds, and notable events.

MSF standard observer report template can be downloaded at:

Describe nutrition/feeding plan. Include specific products used and frequency.

Submit log as scanned PDF or image files. If the log is handwritten and illegible, we will request a typed transcription.

GPS Tracking Data

Original/raw data from GPS tracking device such as a SPOT Tracker, GPS watch, or smartphone app. We recommend using at least two tracking devices simultaneously in case one fails. Note: If you used live tracking service for your swim, we probably already have this data.

Submit as separate GPS data file. Accepted formats: GPX, TCX, CSV.


Narrative account of swim planning and execution. May be completed by observer and/or swimmer. Alternatively, please answer the following question prompts:

  • What inspired you to do this swim?
  • Please describe how you planned for the swim.
  • How did the swim go, generally? Did you face any unanticipated challenges?

Submit as separate document (Word, PDF, or text file).

Photos & Video

A representative collection of images and video footage, taken at various stages of the swim.

Photo/Video Guidelines

  • Photo of swimmer at or just before the start.
  • Photo of swimmer at or just after the finish.
  • At least one photo per hour of the swim. Variety of angles and perspectives is encouraged.
  • At least 30 seconds of video mid-swim, showing the swimmer's stroke.
  • “Produced” videos uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube are acceptable.

Other Supporting Data (as available)

  • Marine buoy readings during the timeframe of the swim (e.g., NOAA National Data Buoy Center).
  • Local tide and current predictions for the timeframe of the swim.
  • Media coverage of swim (newspaper articles, TV segments, etc.).

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