Documented Swim Ratification Fees

A lot of time and effort goes into collecting, formatting, reviewing, and publishing world-class Documented Swim reports. For MSF Documented Swims to be a sustainable project, we charge a swim ratification fee. The fee structure is as follows:

For SOLO swims:

  • The swimmer must have a currently valid MSF premium membership (starts at $40 per year).
  • The ratification fee is $50 for standard-tier members, and discounted to $25 for gold-tier members.

For RELAY swims:

  • There is a flat $120 per team ratification fee, with no required MSF membership.

To begin the process of ratifying a swim, please choose the appropriate payment option below. If you are not already a MSF member, please select one of the “non-member” options - your fee includes a new MSF premium membership (see benefits).

We will then contact you with instructions to submit documentation materials.

Ratification fees are refundable if your swim is not ratified.