Susan Lindstrom - Lake Tahoe

21.3 miles

11 hours, 25 minutes on July 31-August 1, 2016

Observed and documented by Paul Lundgren


  • Name: Susan Lindstrom
  • Age on swim date: 49
  • Nationality: USA
  • Resides: Mill Valley, CA

Swim Route

  • Route Description: Crossing of Lake Tahoe (south to north), from Camp Richardson Beach to Hyatt Beach in Incline Village
  • Route Type: Straight-line, point-to-point, clearing the water at start and finish
  • Route Distance: 21.3 statute miles


Camp Richardson, west of South Lake Tahoe, CA [38° 56.301 N, 120° 2.333 W]


Hyatt Beach, Incline Village, CA [39° 14.263 N, 119° 56.678 W]

Support Personnel

  • Escort Boat: Ghost Rider, Tahoe Keys Marina, South Lake Tahoe, CA
  • Pilot: Tom Linthicum
  • Lead Observer: Paul Lundgren
  • Crew Chief: Natalie Butler
  • Kayaker / Observer: Mark Lutzker


MSF Standard, no deviations or exceptions.

Swim Data

  • Start time: Sunday, July 31, 2016. 20:58 local time (Pacific Daylight)
  • Finish time: Monday, August 1, 2016. 08:18.
  • Elapsed time: 11 hours, 25 minutes, 37 seconds

Conditions Summary

  • Lake temperature: 65F to 68F
  • Air temperature: 59F to 65F
  • Wind: 1-3 mph
  • Waves: none

GPS Track

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Speed per Trackpoint

Observer Log

Completed by observer Paul Lundgren.

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Camp Richardson

Preparing feeds

Just before the start


Near the finish

A crowd of supporters awaits

Finishing at Incline